Wine & Dine with Reuben’s at One & Only Cape Town & Graham Beck Wines – 25 August 2015

Having been synonymous with bubbly, we were very intrigued by the idea of a Wine & Dine evening at Reuben’s One & Only paired with Graham Beck Wines. To be honest, I hadn’t even realized that Graham Beck made anything else but bubbly,but they do and very good wines indeed :).

Graham Beck Wines for the evening
                                             Graham Beck Wines for the evening

What a pleasant surprise it was to hear about The Game Reserve Range of Wines we would be enjoying this evening and the story behind this range.  Bordering the Graham Beck Farm in Robertson is the Graham Beck Private Reserve. The story is so unique and you really should go an explore more about nature conservation the guys at Graham Beck are involved in and they are making a difference on so many levels. This range is so special it even has a logo… Planet first. It’s in our nature.” Because I am so intrigued by this range I have included some information I found on their website as to why they choose these animals for their various labels.

Vista Lounge
                                                                    Vista Bar & Lounge Restaurant

On arrival we were served delicious canapés in the Vista Bar perfectly paired with the Graham Beck Brut NV – Tasting Notes as per website Light yeasty aromas and secondary tones of limey fresh fruit on the nose with rich creamy complexity on the palate. The delectable morsels of Salmon tartare and Chorizo and Pea Croquettes both were complimented by the limey tones of the bubbly.

Canapé-Chirizo & Pea Croquette
           Canapé-Chirizo & Pea Croquette
Canapé-Salmon Tartare
                   Canapé-Salmon Tartare
Graham Beck MCC Brut NV
Graham Beck MCC Brut NV
This way to Wine & Dine...
                                                              This way to Wine & Dine…

Once all the guests had arrived we were shown to Reuben’s Restaurant, the architecture and design of this space is really something to behold, from the walls of wines, to the high ceilings, the glass confectionery area, the streamline pass and the over-sized lamps everything just works.

A selection of elegantly laid table’s welcomed us into this very opulent space. Guests were all eager for the journey to begin…

Table's Set to impress
                                                            Table’s Set to impress

Once seated we were served our Starter of Corned Duck Breast,compressed Pineapple,Almonds in a light Curry Sauce and Parmesan Shavings paired with the Game Reserve Chennin Blanc 2014 – The Riverine Rabbit. A very good pairing the wine brought out the best of the cured Duck (Soutvleis) and Pineapple added another dimension to the wine.

1st Course-Corned Duck Breast Compressed pine apple, almonds, light curry sauce and parmesan
    1st Course-Corned Duck Breast compressed Pineapple, Almonds, light curry sauce and Parmesan
The Game Reserve Chenin Blanc 2014
The Game Reserve Chenin Blanc 2014

The Game Reserve Chenin Blanc -Riverine Rabbit – Both threatened and very rare, the riverine rabbit or ‘doekvoet’ (Bunolagus monticularis) is an intriguing mammal, currently classified as highly endangered. Originally thought to exist only in limited areas in the Karoo this elusive creature was discovered in the Graham Beck Private Nature Reserve – still the most southern point of discovery to date.

MC for the evening Aubrey Ngcungama  & Head Chef Garth (Reuben's One & Only)
MC for the evening Aubrey Ngcungama & Head Chef Garth (Reuben’s One & Only)
Chef Reuben
                        Chef Reuben

We were then welcomed by the very funny and oh so dapper MC Aubrey Ngcungama ,who introduced Sommelier Luvo Ntezo, Reuben Riffel and the Head Chef at Reuben’s One & Only Chef Garth Johnson who along with winemaker, Erika Obermeyer prepared the feast set before us. Onto the dish I was really waiting to try since I laid eye on the menu…

2nd Course-Crayfish Mac n Cheese Baby marrow and prawn cannelloni, botarga, bisque, tomato jam and broccoli salsa
2nd Course-Crayfish Mac n Cheese, baby Marrow and Prawn cannelloni, Botarga, Bisque, Tomato jam and Broccoli salsa

Crayfish Mac and Cheese,nothing like I expected, a real innovative take on the good all homemade Mac & Cheese. Packed with flavour the Bisque worked perfectly with the zesty citrus notes of the Chardonnay.

The Game Reserve Chardonnay 2014
The Game Reserve Chardonnay 2014

The Game Reserve Chardonnay – As one of the world’s largest and most powerful owls, the Cape Eagle Owl (Bubo capensis) plays an essential role as a top predator. If the species were to disappear, the entire ecosystem would be in jeopardy. These regal birds of prey hunt from roadside roosts such as telephone poles and fence posts – many are killed by vehicles. We provide more than 120 perches in our vineyards to combat this, while they control rodents and maintain a balanced population of smaller predators.

3rd Course-Deboned BBQ Pork Ribs Plum basting, pomme purée, wild mushrooms and savoy cabbage
   3rd Course-Deboned BBQ Pork Ribs,Plum basting,Pomme Purée,wild Mushrooms &Savoy Cabbage.

Chef Garth’s take on the regular rib, is what fine dining should be, they took away all the hard work and all we had to do was enjoy the ribs. The robust Pinotage was the right match for this meaty dish as this was the pairing of the night in my humble opinion.

The Game Reserve Pinotage – Aptly named the bat-eared fox (Otocyon megalotis) these fascinating little creatures have large ears which can pinpoint sounds underground with 100% accuracy. Active during the day and night, they feed mainly on termites and live in old ant bear dens in the ground. We are actively trying to protect this unique species, indigenous to our Robertson estate, as they are often identified by farmers as jackals and killed – a practice we’re striving to eradicate.

4th Course - Ebony 70% chocolate soufflé tart, cocoa crème, roasted nib tuille, strawberry sorbet and chocolate grave
4th Course – Ebony 70% Chocolate Soufflé tart, cocoa crème, roasted nib Tuille, Strawberry sorbet and Chocolate gravel.

Delicious,decadent and so nice its cannot be naughty this dessert thanks to the sorbet  and 70% chocolate it wasn’t sweet at all and gravel just added another dimension to the dish and it was perfectly rounded off with The Game Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2013.

The Game Reserve Cabernet 2013
The Game Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

The Game Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon – One of the most admired yet elusive of Africa’s Big Five animals, the leopard (Panthera pardus), is a notoriously shy creature. As an apex predator this big cat is critical to the sustainability of many other species. The Cape leopard may represent a unique subspecies. An exciting research project has established that a total of seven leopards currently roam the area. Our Robertson farm plays a vital role in maintaining the genetic diversity and distribution of this majestic species.

So all in all,we had an awesome time, delicious food, excellent wine and more importantly we learnt that there really are people out their doing their bit for nature conservation and we cannot wait to visit the farm and learn more.


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Reuben’s have 3 more Wine & Dine evening’s left for the year and at a cost of only R395 per person, you really should make a booking. Contact them on

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