Stellenbrau- 29 August 2015


Driving down Vredenburg road, you would be excused for thinking you lost, as you seem to have hit an industrial area. To our amusement we saw the Woodmill on our right, what a gem, but that’s a blog for a whole other day…



The story of how Stellenbrau came into existence really speaks to the love of good beer, the owner having tasted craft beer for the first time, in Durban of all places. He love it so much and moreover the fact that you don’t feel bloated or bad the next day, he ended up buying the plant and moving it to Stellenbosch. Even the location was carefully thought out. Brilliant job.


They currently offer 3 beers and all made in accordance to the  Reinheitsgebot  the beers each pay homage to something near and dear to Stellies:


Craven Craft Lager

Named after old Springbok ,Dr Danie Craven, this beer is a lightly golden in colour with a well balance hop bitterness, rich malt aftertaste. An easy drinking beer.


Alumni Ale

Specially named for all the students who keeps this place buzzing and busy through the years. An amber coloured beer as per the tasting notes there should be a lingering  smokey after taste and some sweetness a perfect ale.


Governor’s Red Lager

How could we forget Governor Simon van der Stel, they have an added bonus, Rooibos flavoured beer,very interesting comments from our fellow tour goers.


Out of all the tour goers no 1, the Craven Craft Lager came our tops.




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