Secret Eats Blanc sur Blanc – 30 September 2015

The folks at over at Secret Eats HQ, really must spend all day, searching for unique spaces, but what they do end up using, you can be sure, it will blow your mind.


For this weekly installment we dined at DMC Photographic Studios in Paarden Eiland.  What an amazing space and the view of Table Mountain at sunset was truly something to behold.


The space and view were just so amazing the minimalist decor was perfect for our evening of Italy meets South African cuisine.


Chef Lapo Magni
                                                          Chef Lapo Magni

This evening’s food was prepared by Lapo Magni, winner of  La Terra dei Cuochi’ in Italy. Having lived in Cape Town for a few years Lapo has created a niche for himself and strives to only use organic products which are locally sourced. He is currently in the process of opening up his own Supper Club and we wish him well and patiently await the invitation.

Ernst Gouws & Co Wines
                                               Ernst Gouws & Co Wines

The wines complimenting tonight’s meal is courtesy of the  Ernst Gouws & Co Wine Farm. A family owned farm in the Stellenbosch area.


Upon arrival guest were treated to a yummy cocktail. The Italian feast begun with Canapés whilst guest mingled trying to find their secret diner. A deliciously, crunchy, Phyllo Pastry cup, with cheese, broad beans and a drizzle of Olive oil. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil  added another dimension to the cup. The crunchiness of the fresh broad bean was like a spring explosion in your mouth. 


Ernst Gouws & Co Wines SAUVIGNON BLANC

ERNST GOUWS & CO SAUVIGNON BLANC 2015 – WINEMAKER`S NOTES Sauvignon Blanc grapes produced in the Stellenbosch region leans towards the tropical spectrum of flavours, elegance and grace on the palate.  The nose shines with a summary fragrance including blossoms and wild flower.  The palate shows enchanting notes of green fig and tropical fruit. 

After a brief introduction by Alex (Secret Eats) we were introduced to the Drunken Tuscan ,Lapo Magni, you will be hard pressed to come across a more passionate chef than Lapo. His love for the planet, the produce he uses and the food he cooks is very apparent.

Chef Lapo Magni & Alex
                                         Chef Lapo Magni & Alex from Secret Eats

Once we were seated plated starters were served Gnocchi …. Starters- Home-made Gnocchi and a traditional Genovese Rocket and Basil Pesto with a twist. Accompanied by Ernst Gouws & Co Nineteenfiftytwo Sauvignon Blanc & Semillon Blend 2014. The gnocchi is easily the best I have ever tasted,as Lapo explained its all about getting the flour ratio correct and he has it down pat.

Starters- Home-made Gnocchi
                                   Starters- Home-made Gnocchi

ERNST GOUWS & CO NINETEENFIFTYTWO 2014 – WINEMAKER`S NOTES A special release in celebration of Ernst’s 60th birthday. This Bordeaux style white wine is mouth filling and harmonious, yet elegant and light on its feet. Subtle wood gives support to textured flavours of white flowers, citrus and lanolin, smoothing to the lingering savoury end. 50% Sauvignon Blanc, 50% new-oaked Semillon.


Mains – Springbok shank ragout with chilled marinated pears and tomatoes in lemon fynbos-honey and mustard served with parmesan-infused polenta which was perfectly complimented by the Ernst Gouws & Co Wines Shiraz 2013. I perfect take on Italy meets South Africa. The forest raise Springbok works perfectly with the marinated pear,in Balsamic Vinegar for 24 hours and then roasted. Absolutely divine.

Mains - Springbok shank ragou
                                             Mains – Springbok shank ragou
Ernst Gouws & Co Wines SHIRAZ

ERNST GOUWS & CO SHIRAZ 2013- WINEMAKER`S NOTES The Ernst Gouws & Co Shiraz has whiffs of spices and fresh cherries leaping from the glass. Hints of white pepper and juicy berries embodying a luxurious richness on the palate and elegance in the aftertaste.


Dessert – Incredible chocolate cake with berry compote, chilli powder, lemon zest and short bread powder accompanied by the Ernst Gouws & Co Wines Shiraz 2013. Originally called the Sweaty Chocolate Cake –  when explained by Lapo the name then made sense.

Dessert - Incredible Chocolate cake
                                         Dessert – Incredible Chocolate cake

The space,the food, the wine,the company,everything was just perfect. Thank you Secret Eats for another successful event.


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