Craft Beer and Biltong – is there a better combination?


Imagine tasting new craft brews and biltong every month and then have it conveniently delivered to your door. Doesn’t that sound like a great surprise to look forward to?


This month saw the first delivery of the much-anticipated Craft Beer and Biltong Box.

This box is a recent addition from the friendly folks who brought us The Ooh Box and The Lunch Box.


If you join up, you can look forward to a monthly delivery of:

12 x Craft Beers – 4 bottles from 3 different breweries


1kg of Biltong – vacuum packed in 250g packets for your convenience


1kg of Droëwors – vacuum packed in 250g packets for your convenience


This month the craft beers were sourced from Devil’s Peak, Riot Beer and last but certainly not least Woodstock Brewery.


Devil’s Peak Lager – Brewed with the famous noble Hallertauer Mittelfrüh. Made with 100% malt, they do not add sugar or corners to save cost.

Flavour: Very delicate malt profile with an unobtrusive hop character and low-level of bitterness.

As per their website: This is not your typical lager, but lager as it should be.

Opening hours
Mon: 12 – 3pm (Kitchen); 11am – 4pm (Bar)
Tue-Sat: 12 – 10pm (Kitchen); 11am – 11pm (Bar)

The Taproom Bookings and Information:
+27 21 200 5818



Riot Beer Session Golden Ale – as per their website: “Not everyone will like our beers but, you will.”

Flavour: Light Citrus Notes with a Pilsner bitter finish.

Opening hours

Thursday 4pm – late; Friday 12pm – late; Saturday 10am – late

Tasting Room Bookings 079 164 3798


Woodstock Brewery Hazy Days – This Belgian style Wit is the ultimate thirst quencher on a hot day or any other.

Flavour: Spicy, zesty notes and a smooth finish. A medium bodied beer brewed with fresh oranges and crushed coriander seeds.


252 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town.

Contact Number: 021 447 0953



The Biltong and Droëwors comes all the way from Upington Slaghuis.  Situated in Scott Street, Upington once you taste the Biltong and Droëwors you can easily understand why they went so far afield to bring you one of the best.

You received 1 kilogram of each, vacuum packed in 4 separate packs for your enjoyment.


So if you:

  1. Love receiving surprises and gifts
  2. Love Craft Beer
  3. Love Biltong and Droëwors
  4. Free Delivery

You have no excuse, contact the folks at The Ooh Box and order your Craft Beer & Biltong Box on and they will hook you up in no time.



Oyo Restaurant – The Crayfish Special is back from 1 October while stocks last

Oyo Crayfish Special
                                                     Oyo Crayfish Special

The 1st of October marks the start of Crayfish season at Oyo Restaurant at the Victoria and Alfred Hotel in the V&A Waterfront.


What an absolutely amazing view of Table Mountain whilst sipping on a glass of wine watching the sunset over the beautiful Cape Town sky.

For starters we ordered the Charcuterie Board and Fish Cakes.

Herb crusted fish cakes
                                                Herb crusted fish cakes

The fish cakes made from Salmon,Kingklip and mash was cooked to perfection. Though the crust was crispy the inside remained moist. The cucumber raita was the perfect accompaniment for the fish cakes.

Herb crusted fish cakes
                                                   Herb crusted fish cakes

The Charcuterie Board was not only unique but I loved that its was different, from the normal boards.

Charcuterie Board
                                                          Charcuterie Board

The portions were very generous, excellent value for money.

Charcuterie Board
                                         Charcuterie Board

Then it was time for the Crayfish Special at R 265.00 per person which includes :

2 Whole Crayfish – with a choice of Grilled or Steamed

A garden Salad

Lemon, Garlic and Peri-Peri Sauce

Chips or Rice

A glass of Red or White Waterkloof Wine

Oyo Crayfish Special
                                                   Oyo Crayfish Special
Lemon Butter Sauce, Garlic Sauce, Peri-Peri Sauce
                                   Lemon Butter Sauce, Garlic Sauce, Peri-Peri Sauce
Oyo Crayfish Special
                                                               Oyo Crayfish Special
Oyo Crayfish Special
                                                Oyo Crayfish Special

We tried both grilled and steamed and we being honest the steamed one get you more crayfish meat. But both are equally delicious. Real value for money and the perfect meal to watch the sun set.

For dessert we had the :

Chocolate Sundae
                                        Chocolate Sundae
Malva Pudding
                                              Malva Pudding
Triple Ice Cream Surprise
                                                       Triple Ice Cream Surprise

All simply delicious.

Being our first time at Oyo Restaurant,it most certainly wont be the last time.

Thank you Oyo Restaurant for an amazing meal.


Come Wine With Us one last time for 2015 #CWWU


The final Come Wine With Us for 2015,was always going to be a bittersweet event for me,as I am really going to miss our monthly wine and dine evenings.


This month would be the start of a series of “KWV Fine Brandy” evenings. We got to sample the awarding winning 12-year-old and 20-year-old pot still brandies as well as the newly released truffle-infused luxury Gin, “Cruxland”.


This evening’s dinner took place at Beluga Cape Town. An art deco, New York loft feel is combined with an open plan kitchen, sushi section and designer bar. A really interesting space.



After a short introduction by Sybil,and the representative’s from Beluga and KWV Brandy,we were ready to embark on our journey.


We were treated to KWV Cluxland gin and tonic naartjie swirll. The story of the Kalahari Truffle they use in the making of this gin,is certainly very interesting. Being a lover of all things sweet,this drink wasn’t for me,but the rest of the guest at our table loved it.


Starters you had a choice of :


Cumin-infused, roasted aubergine, double milk feta.




Apple preserve, bread wafers.




Tempura tuna, avocado, mayo, sesame seeds.


The starters were accompanied by a mix of Laborie Brut MCC and the KWV 5-year-old.The delicate fruity flavors of the  5-year-old and the undertones of toast and nuts worked with either of these starters.


Mains was again a choice of :


Deboned and rolled, lamb reduction, buttered mash,

Roasted vegetables.

Served with KWV Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon




Herb Salsa, fresh coriander, fragrant rice.

Served with KWV Reserve Sauvignon Blanc




Truffle emulsion, 14-month matured parmesan shavings.

Served with KWV Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

We loved the mains,the portions were quite generous,but no-one was complaining :).

And lastly for dessert we got to choose between the :







Served with KWV 12 year and 20 year finest brandy

Once again a successful event,just a pity its the last one for 2015. But as they say “Good things comes to those who waits ” so now we patiently wait for that email to arrive in 2016.

For those who know’s just what I mean be sure to subscribe to their newsletter,so you never miss another one.



Borage Bistro – an upmarket brasserie on Cape Town’s Foreshore


Situated in the Portside Building, you can easily see why Entrepreneur Christian Vaatz and head chef Frank Marks choose this location. In the hustle and bustle of Cape Town CBD, a bistro serving fine dining for breakfast,lunch and supper.


The dynamic team at Borage Bistro adds to the whole experience and the food is plated to perfection and taste amazing.


We went for an early dinner and the food and vibe was so great we ended up being the first patrons to arrive and the last ones to leave.


As we were four at our table to could order all for Starter options :

“Pot au Feu”

Beef brisket, Beef broth, Carrots, Celery, Onion, Bone marrow – a very flavourful  and clear consommé. All the flavour’s were very clear and clean and it worked perfectly.

STARTERS - “Pot au Feu”
STARTERS – “Pot au Feu”

Tomato and Goats Cheese Tart 

Pea & Basil, Balsamic reduction, Sundried Tomato velouté – Loved this deconstructed take on the Tomato and Goats Cheese tart. The clear winner in the battle of the starters.

STARTERS - Tomato and Goats Cheese Tart
STARTERS – Tomato and Goats Cheese Tart

 Seared Tuna

Litchi, Basil, Mushrooms, Sushi Rice – another beautifully presented dish and it does taste just as good as it looks. Not being a fan on seared Tuna, this dish certainly changed our opinion.

STARTERS - Seared Tuna
STARTERS – Seared Tuna


Orange, Cream Cheese, Beetroot, Rocket -yet another hit and the portion of Salmon was quite generous and the citrus worked perfectly with the beetroot and fish combo.

 STARTERS - Gravadlax
STARTERS – Gravadlax

After such perfectly delicious starters we had already made up our mind that no matter how the evening ends we would be back for sure.


But with such perfect starters its only obvious mains would be sublime.


Mains we opted for :


Caponata, fondant Potato – The fish of the day was Kingklip and it was cooked to perfection. The caponata was the perfect accompaniment for the fish.

MAINS - Fish of the day Kingklip
MAINS – Fish of the day Kingklip

Pork Belly

Buttered mash, Sugar Snaps, Red Cabbage, Green Cabbage, Baby Leeks, wholegrain Mustard sauce.Perfectly cooked Pork Belly perfectly accompanied withe both red and green Cabbage. Dish of the night.

MAINS - Pork Belly
MAINS – Pork Belly

Confit Duck

Buttered mash, Fennel, Brussels Sprouts, Spiced duck sauce. Yet another hit,superbly cooked duck and the fennel just added another dimension to the dish.

MAINS - Confit Duck
MAINS – Confit Duck


Chocolate Fondant

Cherry, Vanilla and Kirsch, Almonds – decadently delicious dessert,loved it.

DESSERT - Chocolate Fondant
DESSERT – Chocolate Fondant


Caramelized Pineapple, Crème Fraiche & Lime, Coconut. Ideal for the not so sweet tooth and the Lime and Coconut is a proven winning combo.

DESSERT - Caramelized Pineapple
DESSERT – Caramelized Pineapple

Tarte Tartin

Vanilla parfait – perfect combo. Also a good combo.

DESSERT - Tarte Tartin Vanilla parfait
DESSERT – Tarte Tartin Vanilla parfait


4 different cheeses, Honey, baguette, preserves. A good selection of cheeses and preserves.


We were really impressed by Borage Bistro, and cant wait to be back.

They will be a part of  Restaurant Week from the 22 October – 1 November so be sure to make your booking.

Dinner with the Premier courtesy of Five-Oh-Two and Palma Restaurant

What a pleasure it was to attend the 4th Dinner evening with Five-Oh-Two and Palma Restaurant.


A newbie on the Cape Town Foodie scene,but their ethos is one we just know will stand them in good stead and make their mark. Zac,Zayne,Talya and the rest of the folks at Five-Oh-Two offer not only a unique dinning experience but a “gastro event” as they have called it.


They all about entrepreneurship and bring together new venues and upcoming chef’s and strive to give them that platform to showcase their unique skills.


This evening the brought together Roberto and Fredericka from Palma Restaurant and Chef Edward Lloyd and of course the special guest for the evening Premier Helen Zille.


Upon arrival guest were treated to a glass of chilled Opstal Blush a  Syrah & Viognier blend.Opstal Wine Estate can be found in the beautiful Slanghoek Valley on the Breedekloof Wine Route.

Winemakers Notes – This wine is unique because it is a blending of the grapes and not of the wine. The lovely salmon/rose/onion-skin color is a result of 3 hours of skin contact. The wine combines the red berry fruit and pepper flavours of Syrah grapes with the intensity of peach & apricot fruit flavours from ripe Viognier grapes.


Once our guest of honour had arrived,we were served our Canapés – Bacelli e Pecorino :Traditional Italian Pecorino Cheese and Broad Bean Spring salad served in a Phyllo-Pastry Pocket. A fresh spring explosion.


We were then asked to take our seats and were welcomed by the lovely Talya. Zayne and Zac each said a few words but I don’t want to spoil the story about the name Five-Oh-Two,so you’d better be sure to be at the next one to find out.


Mrs Zille said a few words and I must be honest, she really is such a nice lady. So down to earth no airs or graces,what you see is what you get. She really took time to try to speak to everyone,and not those superficial chats,she was genuinely interested in what you had to say.


The wine for the evening was sourced by their wine partner My Vinos and Xavier Didier,explain just how easy their service is. Be sure to check it out.

Wine List
                                            Wine for the evening

The chef for the evening was the very shy and nervous Chef Edward Lloyd and let me just say he had no need to be nervous,his food speaks volumes. This young man is going places. He had his mentor along Lapo Magni and they really do make an awesome team. We can vouch for that as we attended another event where they cooked and they make a dynamic team!


Starters of African Arancini.Ostrich and Springbok Ragu coated in Rice and bread,was served plated. A perfectly shaped circle,proportions was perfect,beautifully plated as true work of art. The starters were paired with the D’Orrance Wines – Simply Rouge .

Winemakers Notes – A smooth & vibey wine with round tannins showing layers of spices, white pepper and dark fruits. Like its name, keep it simple and enjoy plenty of it.


What struck about this diverse group of people was the fact that even though we were all so different at the end of the day we all want the same things in live. To make meaningful connections and to be remembered. Even though most of us were strangers we felt so comfortable sharing our stories and the was simply amazing. Five-Oh-Two has the winning formula for sure.


The soft,succulent Karoo Lamb was one of the best I have ever had, it literally melted in your mouth. The crunchy roasted Polenta was the perfect accompaniment for the Lamb. A definite contender for dish of the month. The wine paired with the  mains was from Township Winery, Dido Merlot. You would find it very difficult to try an locate a bottle of this Merlot as its very sort after and once you taste it,you will understand why. Easily one of the smoothest Merlot’s I have had the pleasure of tasting. The Township Winery Story is also something you might find interesting,so be sure to check out their website.

Florentine Karoo Lamb
                                                        Florentine Karoo Lamb

When speaking to Zayne about Five-Oh-Two and their aim for this venture,the words which rung through was “developmental entrepreneurship”. Their main aim is to showcase emerging talents,new ventures and what better way to do this than over a plate of good food and marvelous wine.


Dessert was another hit by Chef Edward Lloyd, Grape and Aniseed Pasticcino. Not to sweet but deliciously decadent. Complimented by the Paul Cluver Gewurtztraminer from the Elgin Valley.

Winemakers Notes – The nose is a surprising combination of rose petal, litchi, cucumber, summer melon and mango.It is deliciously fresh on the palate with a lovely lime and lemongrass finish.

Dessert - Grape and Aniseed Pasticcino
                                       Dessert – Grape and Aniseed 

Needless to say, the evening was a massive success,the food,the wine,the venue and the company,top-notch. Cant wait for the next one. Well done Five-Oh-Two,keep on keeping on.



Secret Eats Blanc sur Blanc – 30 September 2015

The folks at over at Secret Eats HQ, really must spend all day, searching for unique spaces, but what they do end up using, you can be sure, it will blow your mind.


For this weekly installment we dined at DMC Photographic Studios in Paarden Eiland.  What an amazing space and the view of Table Mountain at sunset was truly something to behold.


The space and view were just so amazing the minimalist decor was perfect for our evening of Italy meets South African cuisine.


Chef Lapo Magni
                                                          Chef Lapo Magni

This evening’s food was prepared by Lapo Magni, winner of  La Terra dei Cuochi’ in Italy. Having lived in Cape Town for a few years Lapo has created a niche for himself and strives to only use organic products which are locally sourced. He is currently in the process of opening up his own Supper Club and we wish him well and patiently await the invitation.

Ernst Gouws & Co Wines
                                               Ernst Gouws & Co Wines

The wines complimenting tonight’s meal is courtesy of the  Ernst Gouws & Co Wine Farm. A family owned farm in the Stellenbosch area.


Upon arrival guest were treated to a yummy cocktail. The Italian feast begun with Canapés whilst guest mingled trying to find their secret diner. A deliciously, crunchy, Phyllo Pastry cup, with cheese, broad beans and a drizzle of Olive oil. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil  added another dimension to the cup. The crunchiness of the fresh broad bean was like a spring explosion in your mouth. 


Ernst Gouws & Co Wines SAUVIGNON BLANC

ERNST GOUWS & CO SAUVIGNON BLANC 2015 – WINEMAKER`S NOTES Sauvignon Blanc grapes produced in the Stellenbosch region leans towards the tropical spectrum of flavours, elegance and grace on the palate.  The nose shines with a summary fragrance including blossoms and wild flower.  The palate shows enchanting notes of green fig and tropical fruit. 

After a brief introduction by Alex (Secret Eats) we were introduced to the Drunken Tuscan ,Lapo Magni, you will be hard pressed to come across a more passionate chef than Lapo. His love for the planet, the produce he uses and the food he cooks is very apparent.

Chef Lapo Magni & Alex
                                         Chef Lapo Magni & Alex from Secret Eats

Once we were seated plated starters were served Gnocchi …. Starters- Home-made Gnocchi and a traditional Genovese Rocket and Basil Pesto with a twist. Accompanied by Ernst Gouws & Co Nineteenfiftytwo Sauvignon Blanc & Semillon Blend 2014. The gnocchi is easily the best I have ever tasted,as Lapo explained its all about getting the flour ratio correct and he has it down pat.

Starters- Home-made Gnocchi
                                   Starters- Home-made Gnocchi

ERNST GOUWS & CO NINETEENFIFTYTWO 2014 – WINEMAKER`S NOTES A special release in celebration of Ernst’s 60th birthday. This Bordeaux style white wine is mouth filling and harmonious, yet elegant and light on its feet. Subtle wood gives support to textured flavours of white flowers, citrus and lanolin, smoothing to the lingering savoury end. 50% Sauvignon Blanc, 50% new-oaked Semillon.


Mains – Springbok shank ragout with chilled marinated pears and tomatoes in lemon fynbos-honey and mustard served with parmesan-infused polenta which was perfectly complimented by the Ernst Gouws & Co Wines Shiraz 2013. I perfect take on Italy meets South Africa. The forest raise Springbok works perfectly with the marinated pear,in Balsamic Vinegar for 24 hours and then roasted. Absolutely divine.

Mains - Springbok shank ragou
                                             Mains – Springbok shank ragou
Ernst Gouws & Co Wines SHIRAZ

ERNST GOUWS & CO SHIRAZ 2013- WINEMAKER`S NOTES The Ernst Gouws & Co Shiraz has whiffs of spices and fresh cherries leaping from the glass. Hints of white pepper and juicy berries embodying a luxurious richness on the palate and elegance in the aftertaste.


Dessert – Incredible chocolate cake with berry compote, chilli powder, lemon zest and short bread powder accompanied by the Ernst Gouws & Co Wines Shiraz 2013. Originally called the Sweaty Chocolate Cake –  when explained by Lapo the name then made sense.

Dessert - Incredible Chocolate cake
                                         Dessert – Incredible Chocolate cake

The space,the food, the wine,the company,everything was just perfect. Thank you Secret Eats for another successful event.


The Governors Hall – Lanzerac Hotel & Spa on Lanzerac Wine Estate


We had the pleasure of dining at the Governors Hall, decorated in the classic English style of an era long gone; you’d be remised to this as you step into another century. A time of ladies and gentlemen and indeed Governors and Barons. The space is elegantly decorated, high ceilings, opulent rugs, and beautiful paintings. What more could one ask for.


Our waiter Jerry, or Mr. Jerry as we called him, was indeed a gentleman. What a precious, lovely soul. He has been working at Lanzerac for so many years he is a part of the family, even after all those years, his pride and love for Lanzerac was very endearing. Mr. Jerry boasted about the fact that he shared and the vintage of the first Lanzerac Pinotage shared the same year of birth. It’s only apt that Mr. Jerry should be in this place at this time ;).

Mr Jerry in action
                                                         Mr Jerry in action

He had the most astonishing wine pouring technique one that we have never seen before and he performed this like the professional he is.


Our gastro journey began with an Amuse-bouche, Melba toast, smoked Salmon, green Bean, sun dried Tomatoes and Yogurt, simple and delicious. Amuse-bouche literally translated as “to amuse the mouth”, really did the trick, our mouths were certainly amused.

Amuse Bouche
n                                                      Amuse Bouche
Amuse Bouche
                                                            Amuse Bouche

We then proceeded to starters:

Starter - Franschhoek Salmon Trout
Starter – Franschhoek Salmon Trout

Franschhoek Salmon Trout with poached Egg, lightly crumbed Quails Egg, crumbed Asparagus, Saffron Mayo and Papaya salsa. The crumbed asparagus was a very innovative idea,having never had it,we will definitely attempt this at home.Even though all the flavours were very prevalent, not one component overpowered the other.

Starter - Franschhoek Salmon Trout
                                          Starter – Franschhoek Salmon Trout
Starter - Pan seared Scallops, pulled Pork Tortellon
Starter – Pan seared Scallops, pulled Pork Tortellini

Pan seared Scallops, pulled Pork Tortellini with Parmesan Wafer, Bunnet and Cardamom Puree. The Scallops were perfectly cooked and the Tortellini al dente,personally I thought they could have made 2 separate starters from this dish as both were excellent.

Starter - Pan seared Scallops, pulled Pork Tortelloni
                               Starter – Pan seared Scallops, pulled Pork Tortellini
Starter - Mosiac of Rooibos smoked Duck
Starter – Mosiac of Rooibos smoked Duck

Mosaic of Rooibos smoked Duck with Celeriac remoulade, Spring Onion, grilled Corn, Spiced Pear salad. The spiced pear and grilled corn added another dimension to the dish.

Starter - Mosiac of Rooibos smoked Duck
                                         Starter – Mosiac of Rooibos smoked Duck

We were then offered a palette cleansers before mains were served.

Palate Cleanser - Litchi Sorbet
                             Palate Cleanser – Litchi Sorbet

Mains was something to behold.

Mains - Farmed Kabeljou
                                        Mains – Farmed Kabeljou

Farmed Kabeljou on Tomato, Aubergine and Potato stack, smoked Tomatoes sauce and Rocket Pesto.Everything on the plate just worked beautifully.

Mains - Farmed Kabeljou
                                              Mains – Farmed Kabeljou

Cured Bacon and Sage Pork belly with Celeriac mash, braised Red Cabbage and roasted of the night in my humble opinion.

Mains - Cured Bacon and Sage Pork Belly
                            Mains – Cured Bacon and Sage Pork Belly
Mains - Cured Bacon and Sage Pork Belly
                              Mains – Cured Bacon and Sage Pork Belly

And of course we had to try the signature dish, Pinotage braised Lamb Shank on Truffled Leek Rissotto, Shallot Crisps and roasted root veg. A very hearty meal indeed. Deliciously tasting and if you love Pinotage you will not be dissapointed.

Mains - Pinotage braised Lamb Shank
                                      Mains – Pinotage braised Lamb Shank

Then onto my favourite part of every meal dessert and the didn’t disappoint,the produced works of art,that tasted as good as it looked.

Dessert - Classic Blueberry and Hazelnut Cheesecake
                  Dessert – Classic Blueberry and Hazelnut Cheesecake
Dessert - Classic Blueberry and Hazelnut Cheesecake
Dessert – Classic Blueberry and Hazelnut Cheesecake

Classic Blueberry and Hazelnut Cheesecake with Anglaise filled profiterole and verjuice syrup.

Dessert - Tonka Creme with Sugar spun top
                              Dessert – Tonka Creme with Sugar spun top

Tonka Crème with Sugar spun top, Gooseberry sorbet, Orange jelly, Coco Pop crumble.

Dessert - Choc Mousse Gateau
                                         Dessert – Choc Mousse Gateau

Choc Mousse Gateau with Caramlia Choc, Aero and Turkish delight.


It’s very clear to see why everyone raves about Chef Stephen Fraser and the amazing dishes he is creating at Lanzerac.


Lanzerac Hotel & Spa – a variety of dining options


The dining options at Lanzerac Estate are endless, something for every mood and palate


The Governors Hall Restaurant – Chef Stephen Fraser, has put together a tantalizing menu and it will awaken all your senses. This is a more formal setting for romantic dinners and is a journey of marvelous food. They offer a la carte lunch and dinner menu as well as buffet style breakfast.

The Terrace Restaurant – this is ideal for casual dining and offers an alfresco menu that can be enjoyed inside the restaurant or on the outside terrace overlooking the picturesque estate.

The Lady Anne Courtyard – named after the artist who lived in Cape Town for only 5 years but had a huge impact on the cultural and social life during her brief time in Cape Town. Breakfast, Lunch and evening drinks can be enjoyed in this beautiful setting.

The Craven Lounge – if you want to simply relax, read a book or newspaper and enjoy a good cuppa, this is the best place to be. In case you forgot what this space was called, all the rugby memorabilia adorning the walls will remind you.

The Taphuis Bar – one of the oldest bars in the Western Cape. The barman who has been working at the hotel for over 40 years,  has some interesting tales to tell with all the changes he has seen over the years. Taphius is open daily in Summer and Winter.

Esquire Whiskey & Cigar Bar – This luxurious space is a sophisticated lounge where you can enjoy rare whiskeys and malts among other luxurious vodka’s and cognacs. They also offer a well-stocked cigar bar. The bar opens at 17h00 daily and stays open till late.

Lanzerac Deli – housed in the same area as the Wine Tasting area and cellar, it’s perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunches and they also have some extra tid bits for sale.

They offer the following eats:

         Breads, cakes and pastries baked daily.

         Delicious home-made jams, chutneys, preserves and sauces to purchase.

         Aromatic coffees, specialty teas, homemade ice tea & juices.

         Open or closed sandwiches served on Ciabatta, French Baguette, Light Rye, Sour Dough or          Seedy Whole-wheat.

         Cheese and charcuterie boards to share.

         Picnic baskets available to be enjoyed in the Deli’s garden overlooking the vineyards.

         Pre-ordering facilities for take-a-way deli items available.

We had the pleasure of having lunch at the deli and what a pleasure it was, it reminded me of the days gone by when you went to visit your old aunties on the farm, delicious farm style meals with a 5 star twist.

From the Deli - the best quiche ever
                                       From the Deli – the best Quiche ever
From the Deli - the best quiche ever
                  From the Deli – the best Quiche ever
From the Deli - Buttery French Criossants
                                   From the Deli – Buttery French croissants
From the Deli - Scones with all the trimmings
                            From the Deli – Scones with all the trimmings
From the Deli - large a seletion of open sandwhiches
                                From the Deli – large a selection of open sandwiches
From the Deli - large a seletion of open sandwhiches
                              From the Deli – large a selection of open sandwiches

The on site Spa offers a variety of treatments. We didn’t get to enjoy the Spa this time round, but will definitely be back as there is simply so much to do at Lanzerac. The weekend was just too short.


We got so stay in the exclusive Royal Pool Suite, besides having all the standard features like all the other rooms and suites on the estate there were some awesome added extras.

Royal Pool Suite - your own private pool
                                  Royal Pool Suite – your own private pool

Standard Features include:

         Underfloor heating

         Heated towel rail

         Personally controlled air conditioning

         Hair dryers

         Electronic safes

         Fully-equipped luxury bathrooms

         Mini bar

Royal Pool Suite - King Size bed
                                             Royal Pool Suite – King Size bed

The Royal Pool Suite however has these added extras:

         80 sq. meters of living space

         Enclosed courtyard with its own private swimming pool

         Outdoor dining facilities and loungers around the pool

         An additional private bath and separate shower adjacent to the private pool area

         International direct dial telephone

         A state-of-the-art TV and sound system

         DSTV

         Air-conditioning

         King sized bed

Royal Pool Suite -
                                          Royal Pool Suite 

We certainly cant wait to go back Lanzerac Estate definitely in our Top 5 best places we have ever visited.


Lanzerac Wine Estate – Cellar Tour & Tasting – One a the true gems in the Cape Winelands


When you look into a jeweller’s bag, you often would want to go for the newest one and overlook the aged ones, but in this case the older the better. Not that Lanzerac Hotel and Spa could even be classified as old in that sense of the word. It has a rich history and the story behind the farm and all its glory, is a very interesting one indeed.


Lanzerac is a 300 year old estate on the outskirts of Stellenbosch, on-route you might think you lost as the entrance to the estate is in a residential area, but this is all part of the charm of this picturesque estate.


The initial owner Elizabeth Katherina English, a South African, married a Frederick Alexander and lived in England till 1909 when Frederick died. She then purchased this farm called “Schoongezicht” at the time and changed its name to Lanzerac.


There are many stories as to why she named the farm Lanzerac and on the farm the story goes that she named the farm after, General Charles Lanzerac, a French general, who commanded the French Fifth Army at the outbreak of World War I.


We started out our visit with a cellar tour and tasting.





The cellar was established in 1936 after the farm was bought by Johannes Tribbelhorn.


I think what Lanzerac is most proud of is the fact that the first commercially produced Pinotage was produced by Lanzerac in 1959.  The 1959 vintage was released in 1961. This indigenous varietal was developed by Professor Abraham Perold by crossing Pinot Noir with Cinsault/Hermitage


Another thing unique to Lanzerac is the tear shaped bottle, which was first produced in 1959. Dr Christo Wiese bought Lanzerac in 1991 and replanted the vineyards and also built a new wine cellar. The hotel was also renovated to international 5 star standards. Dr Wiese sold Lanzerac in July 2012 to a British Consortium.


Winemaker Wynand Lategan has been making these marvellous wines since 2005 and even after the sale, he stayed on and continued making Award Winning wines.

Lanzerac has 3 Wine Ranges:

The Heritage Range



The Lanzerac Pionier Pinotage is a tribute to the first world’s first bottled Pinotage – a 1959 Lanzerac Pinotage. A big mouth-feel, complex and velvety palate and a long and lingering aftertaste rounds off this wine.


Le General is a blend made from Cab Sauv, Merlot,Pinotage,Shiraz and Malbec. Matured in a combination of new and second fill 300 litre French Oak barrels for a period of 20 months.


Mrs English – Elizabeth Katherina English bought the farm Schoongezicht in 1914 for £18 000 and subsequently renamed the farm ‘Lanzerac’. She also bottled the first Lanzerac wine. This wine is a tribute to this formidable lady. The Lanzerac Mrs. English is a limited selection of the finest Chardonnay barrels of the particular year. The 2012 vintage is a complex wine with abundance citrus flavour on the nose, a full palate and lingering aftertaste.

The Premium Range – their 2nd tier,Single Varietal Range consisting of 6 wines.

Lanzerac MCC Blanc de Blanc Brut NV – A new era in the winemaking from Lanzerac Wine Estate has been marked by the maiden release of the Lanzerac MCC Blanc de Blancs Brut in December 2014. Entirely made from selected Chardonnay vineyards this sparkling wine have typical fresh citrus and lime flavours on the nose supported by a biscuit, yeasty undercurrent on the palate.

The Premium Range Sauvignon Blanc- The 2015 Sauvignon Blanc has prominent tropical, green pepper and chalky flavours on the nose and mouth-filling pineapple, guava and a limey twist on the palate. The wine is well balanced and ends on a lingering clean, minerally note.

Premium Range - Chardonnay
Premium Range – Chardonnay

The Premium Range  – Chardonnay – The first wine of origin Jonkershoek Valley.  80% of the Chardonnay is fermented in 300 litre Burgundy oak barrels; 20% is fermented in stainless steel tanks. Prominent citrus aromas on the nose followed by a complexity of flavours including lemon, clover, ginger and vanilla.

Premium Range - Merlot
Premium Range – Merlot

The Premium Range  – Merlot-The 2013 Merlot has an excellent deep red colour with ripe red berries, cocoa, slight mint and chocolate on the nose. On the palate the wine shows a good balance and tannin structure, rich body with fruit and a lingering aftertaste.

Premium Range - Pinotage
Premium Range – Pinotage

The Premium Range -Pinotage – An excellent deep colour with ripe berries and plums on the nose and palate with a good mouth-feel and lingering aftertaste. Full-bodied, complex with a beautiful fruit/wood balance and a good tannin structure that will allow it to age extremely well.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

The Premium Range – Cabernet Sauvignon – Flavours of violet, leather, blackberry and youngberry with hints of cocoa, almond and cedar. A full-bodied wine with excellent balance on palate and a lingering aftertaste.

The Alma Matar Range – the third tier consisting of 3 wines. Bottled in the unique tear shaped bottle.

Alma Mater Rosé
Alma Mater Rosé

The Lanzerac Alma Mater Rosé is made from Shiraz and Malbec and has typical summer fruit, like strawberries and watermelon on the nose. The palate is light, succulent, fresh and slightly off-dry.

Alma Mater Shiraz
Alma Mater Shiraz

The Lanzerac Alma Mater Shiraz 2012 has a fruity nose with prominent plum and blackberries. The palate is soft, packed with black fruit and integrated tannins.

Alma Mater Chenin Blanc
Alma Mater Chenin Blanc

The Lanzerac Alma Mater Chenin Blanc is packed with fruit with prominent guava, tropical and citrus flavours. The palate is succulent, fresh and lively.



  1. Standard Tasting: R 40 pp

Taste any 4 wines from the Alma Mater or Premium Range

  1.  Heritage Tasting: R 130 pp
    Taste Lanzerac’s Heritage Range, a collection of 3 flagship wines
  1. Alma Mater Chocolate & Wine Pairing:R 45 pp
    Three Alma Mater wines paired with three selected chocolates
  • Alma Mater White paired with a white ‘Tropical Fruit’ chocolate.
  • Alma Mater Rosé paired with a pink ‘Rosewater’ chocolate.
  • Alma Mater Red paired with a ‘Black Spice’ chocolate.
  1. Premium Chocolate & Wine Pairing:R 75 pp
    Five Premium wines paired with five selected chocolates
  • Sauvignon Blanc paired with a white ‘Safari Fruit’ chocolate.
  • Chardonnay paired with a white ‘Lemons and Limes’ chocolate.
  • Merlot paired with a ‘Dark Cherry Cigar’ chocolate.
  • Pinotage paired with a chocolate dipped macerated cherry.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon paired with a ‘Cape Malay Spice’ chocolate.





Heritage Day 2015 – celebrated at Spier Hotel


We arrived earlier than check in time and decided to have lunch whilst the very helpful and accommodating staff let housekeeping know we had arrived. They really had no need to do this, but that just how the Spier Team operate, they go above and beyond.


We proceeded to have lunch at the Hotel Restaurant and discovered their “Secret”.


The newly released Spier Secret Sparkling, not exactly a Prosecco nor is it a MCC. It does not have a cork,its a crown cap similar to a soda or beer bottle cap.

Winemakers Notes

There are strawberry and raspberry aromas with hints of Muscat on the nose. The rich, honeyed palate bursts with vivacious bubbles and has a crisp, fresh finish.

Simply delish, needless to say, this was my drink for the duration of my stay ;).

From the lunch menu we chose the Hake & Chips, Beef Burger and a Salmon Trout Sandwich, superb as usual.

Hake & Chips
                        Hake & Chips
Salmon Trout Sandwich
                 Salmon Trout Sandwich
Burger & Chips
           Burger & Chips

We then went for a stroll around the estate. Jason and Ashanti went on their Sedway tour, whilst I curled up with a book from Spier’s library.  See, something for everyone.



Then it was time for the Spier Heritage Day Spitbraai. A few hours earlier, you could see the Chef, Sous chefs and all kitchen staff prepping for the evening feast.










The menu read like a dream, mouth-watering and it was all delicious. Somehow I managed to taste everything. How could I not?

Salad table


 Garden leaves,


Cherry tomatoes,




Feta Cheese,


Medley of Olives,


Peppadews,sundried Tomatoes and roasted Artichokes,


Pickled Hake, toasted Pumpkin seeds, whole raw Almonds.


Traditional Potato salad,Gherkins, grated farm Eggs, Onion and Parsley


Coleslaw with dried Apricots,Green Apple, Carrot, Apple cider vinaigrette


Pickled Beetroot salad,Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar


From the fire

Corn on the Cob with Peppadew butter


“Soetpatat” with Maple syrup, farm butter and Cinnamon roasted Sweet Potatoes


Garden roast vegetables with Spring vegetables with thyme, garlic and butter

Phutu pap with Tomato smoor

Free range Chicken pieces – Basted in BBQ sauce


Whole Karoo Lamb from the Spit with Marinated in fresh herb and lemon oil



Traditional Milk tart with Cinnamon dust


Ginger and Apple Malva pudding with Star Anise custard


Fresh fruit salad




What an amazing way to celebrate Heritage Day,something for everyone and once again #TeamSpier gets it right. Well done guys 🙂

Chef & Sous Chef from #TeamSpier
                                                Chef & Sous Chef from #TeamSpier

Thank you again guys we had an awesome time as usual.

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