TRE Steampunk Club, Restaurant and Bar – Anthea Bissolati


A venue with a twist is all that can be said about this place. The name leads one to expect a sort of yuppie experience but on the contrary it’s extremely relaxed and cosy.


img_8207With a backdrop of couches and awesome old school family board games like tic tac toe and chess, the whole family will feel right at home.

The menu has something for everyone whether you’re a food on the run kind of person or a three course meal kind of foodie.


We had the opportunity to taste the entire burger menu which is extremely creative and inspired. Choose anything from a Jack Daniels burger to a gin infused burger and you’re sure to not be disappointed. Even the sides are creative with options like fries sprinkled with truffle flavours and sweet potato wedges or wasabi mash.


The decor will definitely inspire the interior decorator in you with interesting little articles to look at all around.

A must visit for gin fans as they are a Hendricks gin establishment but offer a wide variety of drinks nonetheless. Their house craft beer on tap is a definite winner, do not leave without trying that. All in all, a brilliant night out with good food and excellent drinks.










Boozy Burgers

  • The Nearis Green Jack Daniels Burger
    • A sesame bun filled to the brim with a thick 220g beef patty seasoned and marinated with Jack Daniels, grilled to order, served with our handmade fresh mayonnaise and basil pesto dressing. Topped with sliced Asiago cheese, caramelized onions and avo (seasonal).
  • Feta Burger
    • With blue cheese and Hendricks gin mushroom sauce. A sesame bun filled to the brim with a thick 220g beef patty stuffed with feta, grilled to order served with our beautifully delicate blue cheese and flambéed mushrooms in a Hendricks gin sauce.
  • Johnny Bacardi Burger
    • With pineapple and cheese. A sesame bun filled to the brim with a thick 220g beef patty seasoned with Bacardi rum, grilled to order served with our beautifully delicate mild cheddar cheese & flambéed pineapple in a Bacardi syrup.
  • Eljimador Chicken and Camembert (Ovotarian)
    • With seasonal jam. A sesame bun with a thick 220g chicken fillets seasoned and marinated with tikka spiced salt grilled with tequila to till soft and juicy served with our handmade fresh seasonal preserves. Topped with slices of camembert.
  • Veggie Craft Beer Burger (Vegan,Vegetarian)
    • Crumbed and beer battered brinjal, with roasted peppers then finished off with fresh tzatziki and handmade hummus.
  • Served with a choice of sides:
    • London sweet potato wedges or Extra Oven Roasted Vegetables, Classic French fries with truffle oil and pecorino cheese, Wasabi mash or Fresh seasonal side green salad







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