Come Wine With Us in 2017


I was fortunate to attend a few Come Wine With Us (CWWU) events last year and I absolutely loved the events. The organisers go to great lengths to ensure that no two events are the same, from venues,  themed evenings to, designing your own wine label etc.


It all plays out in a very relaxed atmosphere where patrons enjoy  an evening, fine dining and of course fine wine.  One is also given some  insider insight and background information into the featured wines by the various wine makers.

For those that enjoy a night out with good food and wine, these events are a worthwhile addition to your diary.

The event dates are as follows:

  • 8&9 March Durbanville Hills party


  • 7&8 June Wine Masters Reserve


  • 6&6 July Plasir de Merle


  • 2&3 Aug Boland Cellar


  • September TBA


  • 4&5 Oct – Best of Whisky Come Join Us


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Thank you MArio Arendse for contributing.





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