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Louisvale, Home of Chardonnay, and once you’ve had a chance to sample some of their wines, you’ll be sure to understand why. They pride themselves in making the best wooded and unwooded Chardonnay as well as some pretty good reds and blends.

We had the pleasure of meeting the winemaker Mr Simon Smith and being taken on a guide tour. As they already in Harvest 2017, we were taken through the entire process, practiced on the farm, showing us the full cycle from grape to wine.

Simon, a self-confessed “old skool” wine maker, prides himself in using the tried and tested methods that has work for them for so many years and the awards and accolades bestowed on them is a true tested to the saying, “if it aint broke, don’t fix it!”


Louisvale has 3 ranges:

The Louisvale Range – Their Flagship Range made up of 5 wines

Louisvale MCC Range – 2 MCC’s

Stone Road Range – Every day drinking range made up of 4 Wines



After our very informative tour by Simon, we went down to the tasting room where Yvonne took care of us whilst we had our tasting. The tasting room, is really cool and spacious, they have various rooms as well as an outside are overlooking the pool, where you able to take in the stunning views of Devon Valley.


We decided to taste 5 wines as well as the 2 MCC’s and enjoyed it with a Cheese platter.

1stLouisvale Chardonnay-Pinot Noir 


A deliciously blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, has both citrus as well as berry fruit aromas. Not being partial to Chardonnay myself I actually found this quite easy drinking.

 Food Suggestion: Salads, Fish, Poultry (as per the website)


2nd – Louisvale Chavant 


The hint of butterscotch on the nose, appealed to my sweet side.

 Food Suggestion: Fish, Poultry and Pasta (as per the website)


3rd – Louisvale Chardonnay 2013


Jason star of the show and as Louisvale is known for their Chardonnay, one is not surprised.

 Food Suggestion: Fish, Poultry, Pork and Rich Pasta (as per the website)


 4th – Stone Road Merlot 2014


My wine of the day, though I generally steer clear of Merlot’s this deep, plum aromas and velvety taste made me all warm and fuzzy.

 Food Suggestion: Red Meat and Stews (as per the website)


 5th – Stone Road Cabernet Sauvignon


Full bodied with aromas of black current and plum.

Food Suggestion: Red Meat and Stews (as per the website)



6th – Louisvale MCC Rosé

 Really good sparkling wine, perfect for a warm lazy Summer’s Day. Aromas of strawberries and cherries on the nose.

 7th – Louisvale MCC Brut

Zesty lemons and green apple flavours. Aromas of fruit and brioche on the nose



Tasting Fee:

MCC – R20

All other Wines – R 40

Full Tasting – R60

For the Full Album Click HERE 

Be sure to contact them to arrange as booking as the Tasting Room fills up quite quickly 🙂


Tel: +27 21 865 2422

Fax: +27 21 865 2633

Email: helene@louisvale.com


Devon Valley Road

Devon Valley


Western Cape


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