D’Aria Wine Farm & the Entertainer App.

The Durbanville Wine Valley is relatively unknown to us, we have only ever visited Durbanville Hills Wine Farm and we loved their wines.

This time round thanks to The Entertainer App, we decided to head back that way and visited D’Aria Wine Farm. They don’t take reservations for tastings and when I emailed they did mention they get very busy and they do…So get there early.

They have quite a big tasting room, with various areas for tasting as well a beautiful lawn where you can bring your own blanket and enjoy a picnic.

The Tasting Room offers some really good nibbles namely:

Gourmet Burgers                               -R  80.00

Cheese & Meat Platters                  -R 150.00

Cheese Board                                      -R  80.00

Oysters                                                 -R  12.00

Kids – Chicken Strips & Chips          -R 65.00

Kids – Chips                                          -R 20.00

Their vineyards are situated at the back of the Tygerberg Hills, mainly in north-facing and east-facing rows. Situated 10km from the Atlantic Ocean, the sea breeze cools the grapes at night after the warm summer days.

D’Aria wines are handcrafted from start to finish. Grapes are handpicked and bunch and berries undergo a second sorting, also by hand, at the cellar.

They offer Tasting at R20.00 for 5 wines, which is serious value for money and they not shy, they are very generous.

We decided on enjoying the Meat and Cheese Platter with our tasting. Our daughter ordered the kiddies chips, this was so yummy we had a second one :).

Using the Entertainer App was easy enough and the Tasting Room Assistant was very helpful and assisted when I got a bit stuck.

1.       D’Aria Pop Song Sauvignon Blanc Sparkling 2016

A crisp dry Bubbly with a supernova of flavours reverberating out of a cellar with great acoustics.

Celebrate summer with the crisp dry bubbly. *direct from website*


2. D’Aria Sauvignon Blanc D’Aria Sauvignon Blanc

DESCRIPTION: A fresh, tropical style of Sauvignon Blanc with hints of guava, melon, asparagus and gooseberry aromas and flavours. An accessible wine with good mouth feel and a lingering finish. *direct from website*

FOOD: Seafood dishes are an excellent fit with this wine. Also good paired with chicken, vegetable dishes and salads. *direct from website*


3.D’Aria The Songbird Sauvignon Blanc


DESCRIPTION: A complex Sauvignon blanc, combining aromas and flavours of green pepper, asparagus and gooseberries with tropical fruit and hints of grapefruit on the finish. The palate is full, yet elegant. *direct from website*

FOOD: A serious food wine calling for white meats, from fish and shellfish to chicken and pork. Ideal with vegetarian dishes as well. *direct from website*


4. D’Aria Rock Song Sparkling Dark Shiraz

A sparkling Shiraz with a dark soul.


5. Music by D’Aria – Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot

DESCRIPTION: This blend is designed to be an accessible, easy-drinking red for everyday enjoyment. The wine is characterised by juicy, red fruit and just a hint of gentle tannins and vanilla from the wood treatment. *direct from website*

FOOD: Good with roast beef, lamb casserole, grilled pork and meat or tomato pasta dishes. *direct from website*


6. D’Aria Merlot

DESCRIPTION: A medium-bodied wine designed to emphasise rich, plum fruit complemented by gentle tannins acquired through judicious wooding. *direct from website*

FOOD: This wine pairs well with meat dishes such as game (venison), beef stew, roast lamb, duck (particularly with a fruity sauce), as well as rich fish such as tuna and salmon. *direct from website*


7. D’Aria Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Sauvignon Merlot


DESCRIPTION: Complex blends featuring two of the classic Bordeaux varieties. The nose and palate are full of pure, rich, dark red fruit. A well-balanced, elegant wine that nevertheless has a firm structure, allowing for a few years further bottle maturation. *direct from website*

FOOD: Ideal as an accompaniment with rich meat dishes such as roasted fillet, lamb, duck, game (venison), beef stew and casseroles. *direct from website*


8. D’Aria SV D’Aria SVShiraz


DESCRIPTION: This full-bodied, fruit-driven wine shows the distinctive coffee, milled pepper and violet characteristics of classic Shiraz, complemented by the gentle floral notes of Viognier. *direct from website*

FOOD: Good with beef steak, veal, spicy foods and rich pasta dishes. *direct from website*


9. D’Aria The Soprano Shiraz


DESCRIPTION: A deep red wine with ripe, red fruits and milled pepper on the nose, followed by black berries and spices on the palate. The finish gives hints of dark chocolate. *direct from website*

FOOD: This wine is highly recommended with grilled, richly flavoured red meat, game (venison) and beef stew. *direct from website*


10.   D’Aria Lullaby Noble Late Harvest


DESCRIPTION: Light golden in appearance the wine displays honey notes and dried apricots on the nose. The full sweet pallet is well balanced with a gentle yet fresh acidity which results in a lingering finish. *direct from website*

FOOD: Pairs well with cheese, dried fruits and baked desserts. *direct from website*


11.   D’Aria Potstill Brandy – The Piccolo


DESCRIPTION: Masterfully blended with no additives from three selected 5 year old brandies, to enhance the flavour profile on the mid-pallet and taste. The layers of strawberry, cherry, orange peel, vanilla, and whims of spicy hazelnut on the nose, and mixture of intense fruit flavours only to be appreciated by a true brandy connoisseur. A silky smooth rewarding aftertaste and complex finish. *direct from website*

SERVING SUGGESTION: The complex yet delicate flavours and aromas make this an ideal brandy to be enjoyed at room temperature or on the rocks. Ideally served with dark chocolate and rich desserts. *direct from website*


Unfortunately they were sold out of their Best seller D’Aria Blush and having tasted it before we can

For the full album click HERE

D’Aria Wine Farm

Tel: 021 801 6772 / 021 979 3650



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