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Who doesn’t like receiving gifts and now Yuppiechef have thrown their hat into the ring with the FOMOBOX.


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You can look forward to

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  • Something sweet

Here’s a peek into this months FOMOBOX.

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Nuy Valley Feast – 2017


I recently attended my first Nuy Valley Feast, truth be told I didn’t even know it existed, but on my last visit to the lovely Leipzig Country House I was told about it.

We stayed at Leipzig Country House for the weekend, and I must say I really enjoy making the transition from the city to the countryside the pace tangibly slowing down. Our weekend officially started with a laid back dinner at Leipzig.

  • Our first course consisted of Smoke pork loin with butternut textures, a delicious dish I just love smokey dishes.
  • Next to follow was a perfectly prepared sirloin with wilted greens, honey glazed carrots, café de paris butter and burnt aubergine puree. I am not a huge fan of aubergines, but who knew that if you burnt it and pureed it, that it could be that delicious. WOW! Going forward I will insist that all aubergines be burnt for my taste!!!
  • Finally the dessert was a deconstructed Pavlova, not my favourite course, but then I don’t really have a sweet tooth so I may be slightly biased.

After dinner it was off to the “honesty” bar for a nightcap. It was a cold night, so we blazed up the fireplace and were intrigued by all excitement in air as everyone was preparing for the next day’s activities.


The Nuy Valley Feast is a food, wine tasting, music and activity festival featuring four wine farms in the area. Patrons pay R80 per adult and R40 per child, which  gives you access to the festival, a lovely branded wineglass, essential for tasting of course, and tractor rides between farms.

We were first to collect our passes and first in line for the tractor ride, excited !

Conradie Penhill was the first adjoining farm.  When we arrived, we were greeted by smiling friendly faces and scattered bales of hay acting as makeshift seats. Sand art, face painting, jumping castles and pony rides were available as well as plenty of knickknacks and “Tuisnyweruid”.  After sampling some of their fine wines, it was off to the next farm.

Willow Creek Olive Estate our next stop.  Sensory overload was the order of the day at Willow Creek.  The food stalls ranged from boerie rolls to breyani, spring rolls as well bacon and eggs wafting in the air, jumping castles for the kids and tons of cyclists who partook in the Willow Creek /Computer Mania MTB Challenge.


Next stop is perhaps one of my favourite venues in the area, Nuy on the Hill. It’s quite dramatic as it’s built, as the name implies, on top of a hill and affords the visitor a 360 degree view of the surrounds. The wine was fantastic especially the Muscat Sparkling wine. Locally made craft beer, Mountain Brewing Co. was on site with complimentary beer tasting. I loved the Copper Dawn Lager, a traditional Austrian style Lager. My only regret is that it’s not distributed in Cape Town and surrounds as yet.


Now this might sound a bit like an oxymoron, but “The Duchess” is the brand name for a locally produced sugar-free and alcohol free Gin and Tonic. Yes, you read it correctly. The process apparently involves re-distilling the gin and allowing the alcohol to evaporate, but I will assure it tastes like the real thing and is quite refreshing.  There was a wide range of fast foods on offer from Artisan pizza to delicious burgers and Sushi.

We finally made our way back to our home base amongst the jovial revellers who clearly thoroughly enjoyed the tractor rides and wine tasting judging by the noise levels. Leipzig was abuzz with live music, kids running around jumping castles and miniature tractor rides for the little ones. There were food stalls where one could enjoy a Belgian waffle with all its toppings or a half a metre bratwurst hotdog with sauerkraut. One cannot help but feel that this is the pace that live should be lived at…unhurried and laid back, where kids are allowed to be kids and there is not a PSP or Tablet in sight, I love that.

After all the festivities had ceased and the cleanup operations were coming to an end we made our way back to Willow Creek or better yet Willow “Greek” as it’s being called for a Greek-style dinner.


We enjoyed tapas as a starter with some of the locally produced olive fare on offer, the chilli and olive paste was a winner at our table.

The main course consisted of a generous portion of Lamb shank and roasted potatoes. The dessert consisted of Baklava. But no doubt, the highlight of the evening was the traditional breaking of the plates, my goodness talk about bringing out one’s inner child. Beaming smiles all around, as turns were taken to smash plates, with such gusto at times that it made me cringe. A lovely evening was had by all at the end of a busy day.

I definitely plan to come back next year if only to see how this festival evolves and just to enjoy a very relaxing time out with good food, good wine and good people.


Nuy Valley Feast Enquiries

Nelene Marais: (071) 2056694


For the full album click below

Leipzig Friday Dinner

Nuy Valley Festival

Willow Creek Greek Evening

Written for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY – Mario Arendse

Photos for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY – Jason Dubbz Petersen


Some Tea,some Wine and then some Bubbly at the Anthonij Rupert Tasting Room

IMG_1146Rooibos tea is a South African classic. Many households have found comfort in the silky texture of Rooibos tea and will continue to do so for generations to come. Traditional Rooibos is in fact a herb, which gives off its distinct red colouring and sweet taste when brewed.

IMG_1148Amidst exquisite mid-nineteenth century art and décor  the Anthonij Rupert Tea tastings are conducted. The Premier Grand Cru or Specialty Rooibos Tea tastings are recommended to be enjoyed in conjunction with the estate’s High Tea offering, or before or after a wine tasting.


Included in the tasting is a selection of four teas, presented by the Tasting Room assistants in a fun and educational fashion. Choose from either the Rooibos Tea Tasting, which includes traditional Rooibos as well as delicious flavoured versions. Alternatively there is the opportunity to sample Grand Cru Prestige Teas from the TWG Luxury Tea Company.


These characteristics took centre stage at the Anthonij Rupert Wine Estate, where we enjoyed sampling the traditional and various flavoured versions at the Rooibos Tea Tasting. I’ve put this post together to introduce the different infusions of Rooibos, and it might help you discover your own favourite cup.


It must be said that our group are very avid tea drinkers who loves strongly brewed teas and therefore this needs to be taken into considerations when viewing our scores. Perhaps a longer brewing time would have been better for us. All round we had a really awesome time and will definitely be back for the


Seated amid the roses at the Estate, a selection of four teas was presented to us.
We started with the standard type of Rooibos, prepared in the traditional manner and I felt that this cup fell a bit short. The brew was weak and watered down, thus the potential to have the optimum cup of Rooibos tea was not reached. Neither honey nor milk seemed to improve the taste and texture, although the colouring was strong did not betray any shortcomings.
Rating: 2/5


IMG_1150Next, we tasted the first if the infused blends – Rooibos Tangerine Ginger, which immediately communicated the tangerine just through smell. The tea had a certain fresh taste that was not all together sweet, but quite pleasant. However, the ginger notes failed to come through and one must wonder whether if it is due to the citrus element overpowering the ginger or to something else.
Rating: 2/5


Thirdly, the Rooibos & Almond Milk was exactly as the name proclaimed. Granted the lightest in colour, there was creaminess to the usually bright flavour of the Rooibos and the almonds came through at different stages – it was present immediately as the tea flowed on the tongue and well after swallowing. The blend was very gentle on the palette; yet the milky aspect came across a little strongly.
Rating: 2/5


Lastly, we tasted a spice infused Rooibos – the Rooibos Shangri La, which promised ginger and coco-cinnamon hints. The tea exhibited a darker colour which can be attributed to the coco and spice components of the tea. The general consensus was that there was pleasant spiciness upon first taste, but the cinnamon and ginger lingered well after the tea was gone and dominated the taste buds.  This edgy brew was slightly harsh and left our throats feeling scratchy – as it is with the cinnamon sweets known as Jawbreakers.
Rating: 2/5


We then proceeded to the Wine & MCC Tasting and that went superbly well,even thought we didnt book for these additional tastings they were happy to accomodate us.



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Written for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY – Lynelle Moodley & Rene Mesias-Petersen

Photos for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY – Jason Dubbz Petersen