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A few weeks ago, on a boring weekday night, we found ourselves not really wanting to cook supper and in need of some good food, family style to share. Immediately one of our favourite Mezze & Sushi Restaurant, Live Bait Muizenberg came to mind.


I proceeded to make the booking which was effortless and also let them know we would be photographing our dishes for our food blog. No problem they said.

 Upon arrival we really didn’t look at the menu as we already knew what we had planned on having. Each one of the flat breads with all the trimming and some sushi.

 Sadly, our waiter, Nossi, informed us that their oven had been broken for some time, so they no longer serving flat bread, needless to say, we were quite disappointed, but what could we do. My husband then proceeds to give his rather large sushi and as he saw they have Tuna on the menu he ordered everything to be made with Tuna. Sadly after rambling on about 5 dishes of Sushi, Nossi informed him that they didn’t have Tuna. Now I ask you, why she would not have notified us immediately, when she knew we were coming for Sushi and Mezze. Anyway we soldered on…settling on the dishes below.


SUSHI FASHION SANDWICH (8 PCS) Salmon, Tuna, Prawn – 65 Linefish – 58

CALIFORNIA ROLLS (8 PCS) Salmon, Tuna, Prawn – 65 Linefish – 58


RAINBOW ROLLS – 78 Salmon or Tuna

TENAKA (HANDROLL) Salmon, Tuna, Prawn – 55 Linefish – 45



SEAFOOD GRILLED CALAMARI – 95 Served with olive oil, garlic, chilli Salsa Verde, aioli & a side.

PAN FRIED PRAWNS IN SHELLS – 160 Served with a side & sauce.

The Sushi was fresh and tasted as good as we’d expected. The Grilled Calamari was really cooked to perfection and the portion was quite large. Sadly the Prawns were overcooked and almost fried to a crisp.

Our week night dinner was underwhelming to say the least, not what we had expected from one of our local favourites. Seems as though standards have dropped and we hope it was just an “off night” they will be back to their excellent self before the summer season starts. We will definitely go back again as we hoping it was just a bad night and we crossing fingers that it was!


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Please contact:

Live Bait Muizenberg

70 Beach Road,


 Tel: 021 788 2705


 Written for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by René Mesias-Petersen

Photography for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Jason “Dubbz” Petersen


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