I’ve always considered myself to be very open minded when it comes to trying new things, especially food. My mantra has always been that we need to try new things to formulate an opinion and then make an informed judgement; anything to the contrary, is just plain ignorance.IMG_6109

It’s also for this express reason that I also try not to do too much in terms of research or reviewing before I visit a new restaurant.  I had no idea what to expect on my first visit to Mesopotamia and even less of an idea as to what the Kurdish people actually eat.


Our group had planned to have the Meze platters, to give us more options and a chance to sample as much as we could.

The Good:

There are lots of options, but, some the groups favourites were the grilled haloumi cheese, Ezme, a salad of chopped onion, tomato, red pepper, cucumber and mint. The Babakanush was so creamy and for someone that does not really like aubergines I found this very tasty. Jagik, which is homemade yoghurt with cucumber, garlic and herbs. Kibbeh was another favourite, minced lamb stuffed in bolpor and deep fried.

The Bad:

I found the meze dishes, at R39 per course slightly expensive considering portion size.

When the bill arrived we were surprised that gratuity was automatically added …personally I found this mildly offensive and presumptuous. It automatically assumes that all patrons are going to receive world class service all the time, a fact that I will venture to dispute. Though I must admit it states this in the fine print,still that means even if we receive bad service they will get their tip…fair?


The Ugly:

One of the people in our party put a mouthful of the chicken livers in her mouth only to find something vile and bitter in it.

I was disappointed by this experience as I really wanted to like this meal.  Sadly the negatives heavily outweighed the positives.  I was prompted to do a review on this restaurant on a social media platform, post the event, and instinctively I was drawn to reviews by previous patrons, goodness was I shocked. So take a lesson from me….maybe it IS a good idea to see what other people thought of the restaurant before making a point to spend your hard-earned cash there.

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 Written for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Mario Arendse

Photography for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Jason “Dubbz” Petersen

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