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Bree Street has become a haven for restaurateurs and gastronomer’s alike. Seemingly, nearly every month one sees the arrival of a new venture. I was fortunate enough to enjoy dinner at one of these new establishments, days before its official opening. Enter Roast and Co, the setting is French inspired and is modern and stylish in terms of its finishes


I believe it was Henry Ford who remarked that you could get the model T Ford in any colour as long as it black. Similarly Roast and Co will serve you anything you’d like as long as its slow roasted chicken, no seriously….that’s the signature dish. You can treat yourself to either a quarter/half or full portion of the roast chicken. Now there are merits to this approach where you limit your menu, to a few well-chosen courses, but do them really well and I think Roast and Co manages to pull this off successfully. The chickens are naturally free range from Elgin, and every care is taken to ensure that they are delivered to your plate prepared to perfection.

It seemed only fair that we sample all the fare on offer on the starter menu, to allow the courses to give an adequate account of themselves and we were not disappointed.

From the Mzanzi  Mac and Cheese to the Chicken Caesar Croquettes, Tenderstem Broccoli and Spinach, Baked Camembert, Chicken Liver pate and my personal favourite the Onion Bhaji. Aesthetically, it was well presented and it was clear that considerable thought given to the presentation.

For the main course was the roast chicken of course and we chose an array of sides. There was the House Pickled Slaw, Roasted potatoes, Charred Umbono (Corn), Pumpkin Fritters the Roast and Co Brioche as well as the Roast and Co Salad and they were all truly superb. This is one on those scenarios where the “understudy” steals the show as all the sides were outstanding, crispy, fresh and flavourful.


For dessert we had banana split and churros on offer and they were both delicious.

I feel I must say that the concept might not appeal to everyone and some might even find the chicken a tad “boring”, to you sir I say you are welcome to try Nando’s. The chicken is perfectly roasted, as the name suggests, and the side dishes alone are worth a trip if you ask me. It has its place among the long list of other establishments in Bree street, and history has certainly shown that there is success to be had with the “mono menu” if one considers the successes of HQ and Burger and Lobster who have a similar approach.



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Restaurant Info:

Roast & Co


Cape Town

Tel No: +27 21 424 6372

Written for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Mario Arendse

Photography for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Jason “Dubbz” Petersen


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