Final Saturday Supper for 2017

The monthly visits to the Saturday Supper Club at Radisson Blu Hotel never failed to impress me. However last night was the final Supper Club for the season and proved to be extra special with Morgenster Wine and olive oil.

Stacey the Restaurant manager was excited to see us at the final supper as we were the constant few who had supported from the beginning. Upon arrival we were greeted with welcome drinks; Sauvignon Blanc 2016 & Rose 2016. These were accompanied by canapés which we had the privilege of enjoying out on the open amidst the stunning view of the sea with an orange horizon. Something I can never have enough of.


Welcome Drinks & Canapes

Morgenster Sauvignon Blanc 2016 & Morgenster Rose 2016



Cape Malay Spiced Lentil Soup – with Don Carlo Olive Oil

Morgenster Sangiovese 2016



Braised Beef Short Rib – Morgenster extra Virgin Olive Oil

Morgenster 2010



Chocolate Tart – with Lemon Olive Oil Ice cream

Nabucco Nebbiolo 2012


After the welcome by our host and introduction of Morgenster Wine we were treated to Starters.

Cape Malay Spiced Lentil Soup with a dash of Don Carlo Olive oil paired with Morgenster Sangiovese 2016. The pairing was on point as the spicy soup complimented the Sangiovese.

Mains were braised beef short rib with Morgenster extra virgin olive oil accompanied by Morgenster 2010. This was my favourite partnership as the wine was light to compliment the red meat.

To end the sumptuous three course dinner, we had chocolate tart with lemon olive oil ice cream. The ice cream was a first for me and we were told was made locally. The wine of choice was Nabucco Nebbiolo 2012 which proved to be fruity and woody yet not sweet.

My wine tasting adventure at the Saturday Supper Club every month proved to exhilarating and exciting for two reasons; the great food and wine together with awesome people.

Thank you JAR PHOTOGRAPHY and Radisson Blu for making this adventure one to cherish. I look forward to the summer adventure to come.

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Restaurant Info:

Tobago’s Restaurant

Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront,

Beach Rd,

Granger Bay,

Cape Town

 Tel No: 021 441 3414


 Written for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Sharon Moodley

Photography for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Jason “Dubbz” Petersen



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