Devil’s Peak Brewering – The Taproom (Salt River)

Situated at the foot of Devil’s Peak, The Taproom is both a pub and restaurant. Perfect for a lunch snack or after work drink and snack.


The Taproom is perfectly situated so one can take in the beautiful mountain views,whilst relaxing with a beer or 5.


Devil’s Peak Tasting Tray

Bar Snacks

BBQ Chicken Wings with Café Racer Glaze

Roasted Bonemarrow with Beer Bread Toast, Pickles,

Chilli Fried Beer Cheese Croquettes with Paprika Mayo


Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Corn Bread, Fury Hot Sauce

East Coast Hake, Cider Batter, House Pickle Mayo


Rosemary Fries


A definite winner is the BBQ Chicken wings, I would have happily had 3 bowls of those, serious value for money.


The size of the Roasted Bone Marrow, straight from the Fred Flintstone era.


The Croquettes we good, bit too cheesy for my liking, but Jason happily scoffed it all up and the Paprika Mayo was perfect partner.

It’s not secret I love chicken, so even before we ordered the bar snacks I knew what mains I was having… all I saw was Buttermilk Fried Chicken, didn’t see the Fury Hot Sauce part . Sadly I only got in one mouthful and had to quickly pass my chicken onto Jason, as I can’t spicy or hot, so fury was a tall order. Apparently it was very good.

The Beer Battered Fish was good, both the batter and fish was prepared well sadly we found a few bones, but wasn’t worth making a big deal about it.


The Rosemary Fries was quite substantial and served both of us.

Jason had the Devils Peak Tasting Tray and still preferred the Lager after tasting the rest of the beers.

I loved the coffee, and this was a seriously good cuppa joe.

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 Restaurant Info:

 The Taproom

150 Cecil Road,

Salt River,

Cape Town, 7925


Tel No: +27 21 201 1401




Taproom Cheese burger, Rosemary Fries & 340ml Alpha Lager or 250ml Carafe Wine for R62.00

Happy Hours:

Daily from 5pm-6pm. Monday to Friday. Half price on all beers on tap.

Beer Specials: See our rotating taps board

 Make Up Mondays:

1/2 price on our famous Taproom Cheeseburger

– 12pm till closing.

 #Firstlight Tuesday:

Order our First Light Marinated Boerie Roll and get a free 340ml First Light. From 6pm


1/2 price on our Wine on Tap – from 6pm

 Written for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Rene Petersen

Photography for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Jason “Dubbz” Petersen



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