Sevruga – A tale of 2 experiences

I was looking forward to this experience at Sevruga, as it is not every day one can enjoy a menu prepared Michelin Star Chef RIKKU Ó’DONNCHÜ, who has worked with such renowned chefs as Marco Pierre White.

Trying to get a booking proved to be a bit of a challenge. It took an entire day of texting before it was finally confirmed.  Understandably, the chef had other commitments so he is not always available, maybe allow yourself some lead time to ensure you are not disappointed if you are interested in booking.

The venue is stylish and modern and the service was excellent.  The 5 Course Taster Menu was as follows

sevruga 8


This course consisted of scallops, miso, salted cucumber, chilli and roe, beautifully plated.

The scallops were Wow! so fresh, you could almost taste the ocean. The chili combined with the saltiness was lovely and refreshing.

 sevruga 6


The next course was Chocolate Venison tartare, smoked quail eggs, parmesan, sesame seeds and coriander oil. I was surprised by this course as I expected the gaminess of the venison to dominate but it was lovely and silky, maybe attributable to the influence of the dark chocolate. This was my favourite and again aesthetically a beautiful plate.

 sevruga 2


Swordfish ceviche wasabi gel pomegranate and charcoal emulsion. This course was such a surprise,  sometimes one gets the feeling that culinary boundaries are pushed purely for the sake of trying to be innovative or clever, sometimes  even at the expense of the dish. However, the charcoal emulsion in this course proved to be a revelation adding a different, smoky dimension to this ceviche. The texture wasn’t at all invasive or gritty as I had anticipated.



Roast sirloin, pear, and blue cheese, butternut, balsamic and nuts. This “umami” or savoury course reminded me of one of my favourite treats and I loved the combinations. If I had to criticise, the chef would later explain, it would be that there was remanent of a paprika rub that was fiery strong on the sirloin which tarnished this course somewhat for me. The combination worked so well though.

sevruga 1


Yogurt baked custard, chocolate, raspberry, white chocolate, mint oil and dehydrated mint leaves. This course was amazing, sometimes the dessert course is treated as an afterthought and doesn’t necessarily receive the same care and attention as its predecessors, bit I can assure you this most certainly was not the case. It was fresh and fruity and tart as a result of the dehydrated raspberry powder. I’m not one for sweet desserts so I really enjoyed this course tremendously. The raspberry powder is the best thing since sliced bread as far as I’m concerned.

In conclusion, I sometimes get the sense that there is a very fine line between the delivery of culinary artistic wizardry and quite frankly just being gimmicky. In this case one could easily be excused for running out of superlatives in describing just how good this meal was overall. It was fresh, carefully thought out and sophisticated and definitely worth the effort.

By Mario Arendse


So myself and Jason also booked for the same experience also on a Monday evening with very a very different experience. I won’t go into too much detail about our experience but I will say that there needs to be consistency. Every dinner no matter which they are needs to be treated the same and this certainly wasn’t the case. We were promised by the hostess that management would be in contact by to date nothing. We have been to Sevruga before and had never experienced anything like we had previously,so we sincerely hope it was their off night,but we will certainly not be back. In saying that we therefore had Mario & Leatitia book the same experience as us,but with a very different ending…

So to all restaurants, hosts & hostesses a word of advice treat all patrons the same, you never know who you might be serving.

By René Petersen

Restaurant Info:

Sevruga Restaurant

Shop 4 / Quay 5

V&A Waterfront,

Cape Town

 Tel No: +27 (0)21 421 5134


Written for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Mario Arendse & Rene Petersen

Photography for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Jason “Dubbz” Petersen



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