Janse & Co – Jan ‘18 – by Jody Brown

Janse & Co, nestled in bustling Kloof Street, a heart-warming and home-styled restaurant is awaiting our visit. The modern urban look and feel is definitely easy on the eye. The polite and very knowledgable staff were very attentive and always on standby which made our evening even more delightful.


As the sun set behind the prestigious Table Mountain the outside eating area lit up and had a cosy yet intimate feeling. The atmosphere was great as the area is known for its night life.


3 COURSE 385

4 COURSE 485

5 COURSE 585

6 COURSE 685

7 COURSE 785


Tomato, Basil, Consomme


Kale, Macadamia Nut, Sesame Seed, Klipkombers

Kohlrabi, Fennel, Lemon, Olive Oil

Potato, Apricot Spice, Creme Fraiche, Bottarga

Linefish, Broccoli, Daikon


Watermelon, Beetroot Kvass, Cocoa Nibs, Duckweed

Beef, Horseradish, Cherry, Amaranth

Chicken Terrine, Smoked Milk, Radish, Sorrel


Trout, Plum, Grape, Verjuice

Octopus, Strawberry, Umeboshi, Mint

Suckling Pig, Kimchi, Sprouts


Leek, Beurre Noisette, Smoked Almond, Crème FraÎche

Raw Beef, Onion, Black Garlic

Prawn, Mango Atchar, Lime, Cos Lettuce


Oyster, Shallot, Rye, Pine

Fine Beans, Duck Egg Hollandaise, Pangrattato

Ash Goat Cheese, Apple, Shiso, Blueberry




Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Lemon

Pecan Nut, Gooseberry, Caramel

Almond, Litchi, Elderflower

Peach, Raspberry, White Chocolate





CONSOMME – Traditonally a flavourful clear soup or broth.

SEAWEED – We harvest our sea lettuce and klipkombers in the Atlantic Ocean. A variety of Ulva and Kelp are used.


BEETROOT KVASS – A healthy fermented probiotic beverage, made in-house from beetroot and salt, originated in Russia.

COCOA NIBS – Fermented and roasted bean of cocoa tree, before sugar or milk is added to make traditional chocolate.


DUCKWEED – Aquatic plant, small leaves that are high in protein.

AMARANTH – A leaf vegetable and grain, leaves are peppery with slightly sweet flavour.

KIMCHI – Fermented Korean spiced cabbage made in-house.


BEURRE NOISETTE – French word for burnt butter, with a nutty flavour.

BLACK GARLIC – Slow caramelisation process, 60° Celsius for up to 60 days

BOT TARGA – Cured, air-dried fish roe.


SHISO – Japanese herb with a basil, mint, citrus and cinnamon flavour profile


The variety of starters such as dehydrated potato with crème fraiche and bottarga will satisfy any taste bud. The staff certainly had me browsing the menu as everything seemed tempting. Heading to my mains,  being a seafood fan and tend to get a cheap thrill for so-called line fish and the choice of the day was cob. It was surprisingly very good served chargrilled which was well-balanced on a fine slice of daikon with broccoli on the side.


It was time for desert and choosing something “safe” I chose Pecan Nut, Gooseberry with Caramel topping. It was well presented and not too sweet, the Gooseberry was shoved to the side as I’m not a fan, but the hard glazed caramel topping made up for every bit.


The evening was very well spent and to sum it up the staff was excellent as they took their time to study and master the menu and also understanding the owner’s vision. The food was good and pricing is fair. Is it a restaurant that I’ll visit again? Most definitely.





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 Restaurant Info:

Janse & Co

75 Kloof St,


Cape Town,


 Tel No: 021 422 0384

 Written for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Jody Brown

Photography for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Jason “Dubbz” Petersen


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