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After many, many monthly visits we got to go back and try the A la Carte Menu and we decided we definitely going back again soon!!!

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What an absolute pleasure, we have been to numerous Chef & the Vine Dinners, Sunday Buffet’s, but am embarrassed to admit we never had a dish on the A la Carté Menu. We set that right at the start of 2018 and as I said what a pleasure.

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The menu has something for everyone and showcases dishes that reflect a celebration of the Cape’s rich culinary heritage, good honest food indeed.

Visiting Reuben’s is always like we with family, all the staff treats us like one of their own still maintaining their high levels of standards.

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Our waiter was very knowledgeable, as always, and whilst trying to suggest some dishes, only confused us even more because everything simply sounded too good. Therefore before we even enjoyed one flavourful morsel we already were thinking of our next visit, this is always a good sign. 😉

Nothing disappointed and it’s hard to pick a favourite but the Velouté and Pork Belly deserves a mentioned.


A la Carte Menu



Lamb Neck – R125

Braised lamb neck with confit garlic, brioche crusts, tomato and lavender jus


Chilli Salted Squid – R125

Lime mayonnaise, nuach chum and fragrant salad


Rabbit 3 ways – R155

Rabbit assiette with mustard and bacon


Cauliflower& Parmesan Velouté – R90

Light cauliflower and parmesan velouté with cauliflower textures

and smoked raisin purée




Seabass – R245

Pan-seared sea bass with tender-stem broccoli, wild mushrooms,

confit baby boilers and a Noble Late Harvest sauce


Pork Belly – R220

Pork belly den miso, caramelized pineapple, sweet corn, basil,

tomato, pommes fondant, BBQ , spicy lemon and yuzu




Hot Chocolate Pudding – R80

Chocolate pudding, black forest biscotti, Amarena

cherries, chantilly, vanilla bean ice cream, black sesame

croquant, cherry custard.

Thank you once again One & Only Family, looking forward to the next visit and trying out the rest of the A la carté menu.

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Restaurant Info:

Reuben’s Restaurant


Dock Road

Cape Town

Tel No: +27 21 431 4511


 Written for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Rene Petersen

Photography for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Jason “Dubbz” Petersen

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