Constantia Glen Mar 18 – Mario Arendse

Why is it that we always seem to forget that there are really good vineyards and wine and food on our doorsteps? We are spoilt for choice I guess, in the Southern suburbs and we can literally on a whim find ourselves on the Stellenbosch Wine Route or Constantia Wine Route for that matter in just minutes.


I had been to Eagles Nest last year and loved the food atmosphere and vibe. We chose to go to the adjoining farm Constantia Glen, we were a few minutes early and had to wait for our table, geeze the place was packed to the rafters with locals and foreigners alike. Our plan was enjoy something light to nibble and to enjoy a glass or two.


Now before I get stuck into the detail, I have to add that this was the most “confusing” wine tasting menu I had ever encountered. If you took one option, chances were that the same wines were also in a different option, so you either have to miss out or duplicate options.  Also I would package the menu a little different, I would have paired the wines with the platters and have platter for 2 and 4 etc., that’s just my opinion.


Our waiter seemed a little pre-occupied and I don’t blame him as he seemed to have a massive section to service, I do however take exception to indifferent service. It seemed hurried and unattentive as there were a few times we had to follow up on dishes and wait for tableware.


We opted for the Cheese and Charcuterie platter to start with, which consisted of Stone house brie, Cremalat gorgonzola, Swissland  Tomini goats cheese, Anura Mountain cheese served with a freshly baked baguette & rose grape jelly along with Prosciutto, Coppa, Salami Felino and capers, gherkins, smoked rooibos butter. I found the portion size average for two people.



Next was the Trout, Oaked smoked ribbons, dill and lemon, crème fraiche, cucumber pickle and freshly baked baguette.


Finally we had the South African platter for 2 with bobotie, biltong, droe wors, samosas, snoek pate pot bread, peppadews and potato salad.

For the wine tasting we opted for the;

  • Constantia Glen Flagship Tasting2017 Constantia Glen Sauvignon Blanc
    • 2017 Constantia Glen TWO
    • 2014 Constantia Glen THREE
    • 2013 Constantia Glen FIVE
  • Constantia Saddle and MCC Tasting2017 Constantia Saddle White
    • 2017 Constantia saddle Rose
    • 2016 Constantia Saddle Red
    • Rosemarie and Funa MCC Brut Rose

There were another two wines we tried, which I think was the 2017 Van Wyk Rebecca May and the 2016 Van Wyk Syrah, it was all just too confusing for me and I gave up trying to understand the permutations. Sadly we never got a chance to photograph the bottles as there were other patrons waiting to taste as well.


A beautiful setting with some really nice wine but a poor experience I’m afraid. For me, dining out is not just about the food but also about the entire experience, or we would all eat at home.


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Farm & Restaurant Info:

Constantia Glen

Constantia Main Rd,


Cape Town

 Tel No: +27(0)21 795 5639


 Opening Hours: Sunday – Thursday from 10am to 6pm

                            Friday –Saturday from 10am to 8pm

Written for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Mario Arendse

Photography for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Jason “Dubbz” Petersen

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