Morgenster Olive and Wine Tasting – Michelle Aanhuizen

Morgenster Wine and Olive Estate is located in Somerset West, a short drive just out of Cape Town. This farm has a rich history dating back to 1711 and produces beautiful wine and extra virgin olive oil.


The farm is easy to find and surrounded by lush greens and beautiful views and the tasting room is light and welcoming and very well designed.



Olive Platter

R40 per person – five olive oils, balsamic vinegar, olive pastes and olives

Olive Oil and wine: R75 per person


Wine Tasting

Bordeaux: R50 per person – five Bordeaux-style wines from the winemaker’s monthly selection

Nu Series 1: R35 per person – five single cultivar wines

Italian: R40 per person – three wines, Caruso, Tosca and Nabucco, from the Italian Collection

Italian Collection wine and chocolate: R65 per person – Caruso, Tosca and Nabucco, paired with four handmade chocolates

I personally have not done olive oil tasting before – so this was new to me and our “wine expert” was knowledgeable and passionate who knew so much about the history of the farm, the wine and the olives. We tasted 5 different olive oils, balsamic vinegar, olive pastes and olives and by far the lemon olive oil was the best! This was a simple tasting but informative…with many “aha” moments.


I felt the wine tasting was somewhat disappointing and almost rushed with less passion than the olive tasting… but the wine itself was good, we tasted a white wine, rose and two reds – of which one was a vintage… it was amazing even though my preference sits with white wine.

Overall this was a well put together tasting, simple and satisfying.

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Wine Estate Info:

Morgenster Estate

Vergelegen Avenue Off,

Lourensford Rd,

Somerset West,

Cape Town

 Tel No: 074 921 3082


 Written for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Michelle Aanhuizen

Photography for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Jason “Dubbz” Petersen



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