2018 the year that was…

As we get ready to ring in 2019, lets reflect on the year that was 2018.

For us a JAR Photography we are truly blessed to be able to turn a hobby into a business and then spread the blessings to those less fortunate.

This year we had our second Fundraiser and successfully raised funds for all three beneficiaries. Its both an honour and privilege to be able to touch the lives of both young and old by way of this page.

There were so many new places we visited, some exceeded our expectations like Le Petit Manoir in Franschhoek and The Last Word – Long Beach ; definite top class in the full experience, lots personal touches which they do well, makes one feel valued.

Then of course our favourites, year in year out, they just do it “right” which is why we will continue to support them:

We’ve been lucky enough to have visited several Restaurants on the 2018 Eat Out Mercedes-Benz Restaurant Awards nominee’s:

1. The Restaurant at Waterkloof (Somerset West)  ✔

2. The Test Kitchen (Woodstock, Cape Town) ✔

3. La Colombe (Constantia, Cape Town)                 ✔

4. Wolfgat (Paternoster, West Coast)

5. La Petite Colombe (Franschhoek)                        ✔

6. Greenhouse at Cellars-Hohenort (Constantia, Cape Town)        ✔

7. Restaurant Mosaic at The Orient (Elandsfontein, Pretoria)

8. Camphor’s at Vergelegen (Somerset West)

9. Jardine Restaurant (Stellenbosch)                                ✔     

10. Chefs Warehouse at Beau Constantia (Constantia, Cape Town)       ✔ 

11. Fermier Restaurant (Die Wilgers, Pretoria)

12. Jordan Restaurant (Stellenbosch)

13. Foliage (Franschhoek)

14. Le Coin Français (Franschhoek)

15. The Chefs’ Table (Umhlanga, Durban)

16. Chefs Warehouse at Maison (Franschhoek)

17. La Tête (City Bowl, Cape Town)                          ✔

18. Overture (Stellenbosch)

19. The Shortmarket Club (City Bowl, Cape Town)                   ✔ 

20. The Pot Luck Club (Woodstock, Cape Town)                   ✔

The highlight being that we secured a booking at The Restaurant at Waterkloof weeks before the awards and when they won, we were so excited, and they certainly didn’t disappoint. What an experience! Worthy of the No 1 spot!

The year we also got to enjoy a few nights at the One and Only Hotel Cape Town and can I just say, I always knew they we great, I mean they are the choice of many a famous person. We visited all the restaurants and spent a day at the spa, total bliss, for 48 hours we felt like someone famous 😉

Deciding on our TOP 10 for 2018, wasn’t easy, so we have a bit more than 10….

•        Tinstwalo Atlantic

•        La Tete

•        Reubens at the One & Only

•        Nobu at the One & Only

•        Janse & Co

•        La Colombe

•        Upper Bloem

•        The Granary – Silo Hotel

•        Makaron Restaurant at Majeka House

•        Greenhouse – RW

•        Le Petite Manoir Restaurant

•        Chef’s Table at the Mont Nelson Hotel – RW

•        Buitenverwachting – RW

•        Waterkloof Restaurant

•        Idiom Tasting Room

Below is a list and some links to all the Restaurants visited in 2018

1.       Lapo’s Kitchen

2.       Tinstwalo Atlantic

3.       Reubens and Mulderbosch – Chef and the Vine

4.       Reubens and Graham Beck – Chef and the Vine

5.       Italian Kitchen – Tokai

6.       Salt – Kalk Bay

7.       CWWU – Braaimaster at Lagoon Beach

8.       Basilico – Steenberg

9.       La Tete

10.     Nest Deli – Constantia Glen

11.     Lily’s Restaurant

12.     Morgenster – Olive and Olive Oil Tasting

13.     Sauvage Franschhoek and Eikendal – Wine Dinner

14.     Easter Feast at One & Only CT

15.     Reubens One & Only – A La Carte Menu

16.     Reubens and Mariaane Wines – Chef and the Vine

17.     Stacked Diner

18.     The Deckhouse

19.     Racine Restaurant & Chamonix Wines

20.     Old Mac Daddy

21.     La Tete and Spioenkop Wines – Wine Dinner

22.     Copper Club Eatery

23.     Quentin at Oakhurst – Restaurant Week (RW)

24.     Dash Restaurant – RW

25.     Roast & Co – RW

26.     Burger and Lobster – RW

27.     126 Cape Kitchen – RW

28.     Ben Wei – RW

29.     Myoga – RW

30.     Reubens and Delaire Graff Wines – Chef and the Wine

31.     Reubens One & Only – RW

32.     Mink & Trout – RW

33.     Janse & Co

34.     Racine – Mother’s Day

35.     CWWU – Wild Fig Restaurant

36.     La Colombe

37.     Upper Bloem

38.     Primal Eatery

39.     Conservatory – Cellars Hohenort

40.     Reubens and Morgenhof – Chef and the Vine

41.     The Granary – Silo Hotel

42.     La Tete and Fable Mountain – Wine Dinner

43.     Azure Restaurant – 12 Apostles

44.     Bacon on Bree

45.     Ginja Restaurant

46.     Catharina’s Restaurant

47.     Sauvage Restaurant and Domaine Des Dieux Wine – Wine Dinner

48.     Reubens and Avondale Wines – Chef and the Vine

49.     Escapé Restaurant

50.     Firefish Restaurant

51.     Makaron Restaurant at Majeka House

52.     Azure Restaurant – 12 Apostles

53.     Reubens Christmas in July

54.     Nobu – RW

55.     Greenhouse – RW

56.     Reubens and Springfield Wines – Chef and the Vine

57.     Haute Cabriere – RW

58.     Sauvage Restaurant and Nicholas Van Der Merwe Wine – Wine Dinner

59.     CWWU – Fork Diner with Alto Wines

60.     Miko Restaurant as Mont Rochelle

61.     Last Word Long Beach

62.     Aquila Safari

63.     Marigold Restaurant

64.     Le Petite Manoir Restaurant

65.     La Tete – Bot River Takeover

66.     Reubens and Jordan Wines – Chef and the Vine

67.     Sauvage Restaurant and Maastricht Wine – Wine Dinner

68.     Foxcroft Sunday Supper Club

69.     Ready, Steady Rum – Tobago’s Radisson Blue

70.     Zeitch Mocca Food

71.     The Square Restaurant and Migliarina Wines – Wine Dinner

72.     La Mouette – Winter Menu

73.     The Skotness at Norval Foundation

74.     Reubens and Hamilton Russell Vineyards – Chef and the Vine

75.     De Drommedaris Beach House Collection La Baleine Paternoster

76.     Bistro Sixteen Eighty-Two

77.     Pot Luck Club

78.     Life Grand Café

79.     Belly of the Beast – RW

80.     Veuve Clicquot Spring Edition Brunch with Chef Claire Allen Roast & Co

81.     Chef’s Table at the Mont Nelson Hotel – RW

82.     Signal Restaurant at Cape Grace Hotel – RW

83.     Livebait – RW

84.     Azure at Twelve Apostles – RW

85.     95 on Park – RW

86.     Mink &Trout – RW

87.     Buitenverwachting – RW

88.     Reubens – RW

89.     CPUT – Hotel School Granger Bay

90.     Diemerdals Farm Eatery – RW

91.     CWWU – Moyo

92.     Coco Safar – RW

93.     Reubens and Taste of MCC – Chef and the Vine

94.     Chinchilla Fridays

95.     Bilboa Restaurant

96.     Waterkloof Restaurant

97.     Idiom Tasting Room

From us at JAR Photography, we wish you everything that’s magical for 2019. May all you wish for yourself become a reality.

See you on the other side.

JAR Photography

For the love of food and wine…

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Written for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by René Mesias-Petersen

Photography for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Jason “Dubbz” Petersen

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