Bientang Cave Restaurant – Hermanus

This has to be one of the most beautiful venues to enjoy a meal, it’s a cave situated on the very water’s edge in Walkers Bay, Hermanus. We sat so close, we could literally feel the light spray on our faces as the waves crashed and pounded the rocks on this little outcrop known as Bientangs cave.

This is so named after the legendary Bientang, a Khoi strandloper who inhabited this secluded cave at the turn of the 19th century. Sitting in this idyllic setting it’s not hard to visualise just what life must have been like for her, surrounded by the abundance of all manner of seafood delicacies, fruit and vegetables grown in her garden. Strangely she disappeared without a trace, and little is known around the circumstances.

Nevertheless, having heard and read quite a bit about this restaurant and all its associated accolades I was looking forward to the seafood on offer.

We opted to go for a tapas style dining experience in order to have a taste of all the little morsels on offer, and being renowned for their seafood we chose to go that route:

There was the delicious West Coast Mussels, always a firm favourite of mine, in a delicate cream and white wine sauce. I grew up on this dish and there’s nothing better.

Then there was the prawn cocktail with freshly steamed prawns, Marie Rose sauce on a bed of lettuce. This dish was ok, maybe a little too much sauce, which is strange for me to say because I’m unashamedly a “sauce” kind of person.

Next was the grilled panko prawns with sweet chilli sauce.

This is oyster country and no trip would be complete without them, they were super-fresh and tasty, we had to order an additional helping.

There was also the deep calamari and chips.

We also opted to share the Cold seafood platter that consisted of wild prawns, west coast oysters, marinated mussels, smoked salmon and homemade smoked snoek pate. this was served with seed loaf and crackers.

Now I must admit I was a little disappointed, let me explain. My comment is in no way reflective on the quality of the ingredients used, it’s just that based on the numerous accolades and awards …I was expecting a little more, more in terms of presentation, more in terms finishing touches and maybe finesse.  It seemed a little pedestrian if I’m honest and it lacked the “wow” factor in my opinion.

Amazing view, super fresh ingredients but with an average presentation I’m afraid.

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Name of Restaurant: Bientangs Cave

Address: In a cave below Marine Drive, 100m from Old Harbour, Hermanus, 7200

Contact Number: 028 312 3454

Email Address:

Opening Hours: Open daily from 11:30 till 4pm

Written for JAR Photography by Mario Arendse

Photography for JAR Photography by Jason Dubbz Petersen

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