The Athletic Club and Social – January 2019

What pleasure this was…certainly a good place to visit after work on a lazy Thursday evening. We arrived a little early and was shown to the upstairs bar area to enjoy a refreshing drink before we commence with dinner.

For an establishment which only opened its doors at the end of November, they certainly were busy. An eclectic mix of Greek, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern Cuisine, there is something for everyone, and I personally loved the large selection of vegetarian options.

The idea is to order a few options from the too share menu and then select your protein, but we just did our own thing and they didn’t frown upon it.

From a menu we choose the following dishes.


TAHINI CAULIFLOWER (V) – Baharat spice, herby lemon dressing, hummus, almonds slithers – R 95

FIRE ROASTED BABY GEM LETTUCE – parmesan, white anchovy, capers, lemon vinaigrette – R 85



100 grams per portion

ROASTED LAMB SHOULDER WITH PITA – tzatziki, tomato, cured onion – R105 100g / R175 200g

CHICKEN THIGHS WITH PITA – carrot hummus, tomato, cured onion – R95 100g / R165 200g



Its very hard to decide on a clear favourite, everything was amazing, even the Sardines which is not my favourite but one of Jason’s and according to him one of the best…

We were not surprised to find out who the chef was part of the Springbok Team, they have some serious skills with the open flames. The portions are large, very good value for money. Presentation of each dish was impeccable.

The bar has a very large selection of whiskey and of course no whiskey bar would be complete without a cigar selection and they have that box ticked too. I must add they have some yummy cocktails and I already have a favourite “The Diamond Ring”, because after all, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

Waitstaff, Managers and Hostess were all very attentive and you felt looked after even though the restaurant was filled.

We already planning our next visit, hope you will too…Let us know what your thoughts are.

We are planning a giveaway for the best feedback and pic received, remember to #jarphotoct to be in the running.

See full album HERE

Name: The Athletic Club and Social

Address: 35 Buitengracht Street, Cape Town

Phone: 021-012-5331


Written for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by René Mesias-Petersen

Photography for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Jason “Dubbz” Petersen

What a start…2019

We hit the road running in 2019 and if the first 16 days was anything to go by we in for a treat…

Have a look at the places we were blessed to be able to visit recently.

Overture Restuarant at Hidden Valley

Idiom Restaurant in Stellenbosch

Marigold Restaurant in Franschhoek

We have to obviously make mention of visiting Waterkloof Restaurant at the end of 2018 and one could easily see why they ranked Number One in SA.

Looking forward to see what 2019 will bring.

Compliments of the season to you and best wishes for 2019.


2018 the year that was…

As we get ready to ring in 2019, lets reflect on the year that was 2018.

For us a JAR Photography we are truly blessed to be able to turn a hobby into a business and then spread the blessings to those less fortunate.

This year we had our second Fundraiser and successfully raised funds for all three beneficiaries. Its both an honour and privilege to be able to touch the lives of both young and old by way of this page.

There were so many new places we visited, some exceeded our expectations like Le Petit Manoir in Franschhoek and The Last Word – Long Beach ; definite top class in the full experience, lots personal touches which they do well, makes one feel valued.

Then of course our favourites, year in year out, they just do it “right” which is why we will continue to support them:

We’ve been lucky enough to have visited several Restaurants on the 2018 Eat Out Mercedes-Benz Restaurant Awards nominee’s:

1. The Restaurant at Waterkloof (Somerset West)  ✔

2. The Test Kitchen (Woodstock, Cape Town) ✔

3. La Colombe (Constantia, Cape Town)                 ✔

4. Wolfgat (Paternoster, West Coast)

5. La Petite Colombe (Franschhoek)                        ✔

6. Greenhouse at Cellars-Hohenort (Constantia, Cape Town)        ✔

7. Restaurant Mosaic at The Orient (Elandsfontein, Pretoria)

8. Camphor’s at Vergelegen (Somerset West)

9. Jardine Restaurant (Stellenbosch)                                ✔     

10. Chefs Warehouse at Beau Constantia (Constantia, Cape Town)       ✔ 

11. Fermier Restaurant (Die Wilgers, Pretoria)

12. Jordan Restaurant (Stellenbosch)

13. Foliage (Franschhoek)

14. Le Coin Français (Franschhoek)

15. The Chefs’ Table (Umhlanga, Durban)

16. Chefs Warehouse at Maison (Franschhoek)

17. La Tête (City Bowl, Cape Town)                          ✔

18. Overture (Stellenbosch)

19. The Shortmarket Club (City Bowl, Cape Town)                   ✔ 

20. The Pot Luck Club (Woodstock, Cape Town)                   ✔

The highlight being that we secured a booking at The Restaurant at Waterkloof weeks before the awards and when they won, we were so excited, and they certainly didn’t disappoint. What an experience! Worthy of the No 1 spot!

The year we also got to enjoy a few nights at the One and Only Hotel Cape Town and can I just say, I always knew they we great, I mean they are the choice of many a famous person. We visited all the restaurants and spent a day at the spa, total bliss, for 48 hours we felt like someone famous 😉

Deciding on our TOP 10 for 2018, wasn’t easy, so we have a bit more than 10….

•        Tinstwalo Atlantic

•        La Tete

•        Reubens at the One & Only

•        Nobu at the One & Only

•        Janse & Co

•        La Colombe

•        Upper Bloem

•        The Granary – Silo Hotel

•        Makaron Restaurant at Majeka House

•        Greenhouse – RW

•        Le Petite Manoir Restaurant

•        Chef’s Table at the Mont Nelson Hotel – RW

•        Buitenverwachting – RW

•        Waterkloof Restaurant

•        Idiom Tasting Room

Below is a list and some links to all the Restaurants visited in 2018

1.       Lapo’s Kitchen

2.       Tinstwalo Atlantic

3.       Reubens and Mulderbosch – Chef and the Vine

4.       Reubens and Graham Beck – Chef and the Vine

5.       Italian Kitchen – Tokai

6.       Salt – Kalk Bay

7.       CWWU – Braaimaster at Lagoon Beach

8.       Basilico – Steenberg

9.       La Tete

10.     Nest Deli – Constantia Glen

11.     Lily’s Restaurant

12.     Morgenster – Olive and Olive Oil Tasting

13.     Sauvage Franschhoek and Eikendal – Wine Dinner

14.     Easter Feast at One & Only CT

15.     Reubens One & Only – A La Carte Menu

16.     Reubens and Mariaane Wines – Chef and the Vine

17.     Stacked Diner

18.     The Deckhouse

19.     Racine Restaurant & Chamonix Wines

20.     Old Mac Daddy

21.     La Tete and Spioenkop Wines – Wine Dinner

22.     Copper Club Eatery

23.     Quentin at Oakhurst – Restaurant Week (RW)

24.     Dash Restaurant – RW

25.     Roast & Co – RW

26.     Burger and Lobster – RW

27.     126 Cape Kitchen – RW

28.     Ben Wei – RW

29.     Myoga – RW

30.     Reubens and Delaire Graff Wines – Chef and the Wine

31.     Reubens One & Only – RW

32.     Mink & Trout – RW

33.     Janse & Co

34.     Racine – Mother’s Day

35.     CWWU – Wild Fig Restaurant

36.     La Colombe

37.     Upper Bloem

38.     Primal Eatery

39.     Conservatory – Cellars Hohenort

40.     Reubens and Morgenhof – Chef and the Vine

41.     The Granary – Silo Hotel

42.     La Tete and Fable Mountain – Wine Dinner

43.     Azure Restaurant – 12 Apostles

44.     Bacon on Bree

45.     Ginja Restaurant

46.     Catharina’s Restaurant

47.     Sauvage Restaurant and Domaine Des Dieux Wine – Wine Dinner

48.     Reubens and Avondale Wines – Chef and the Vine

49.     Escapé Restaurant

50.     Firefish Restaurant

51.     Makaron Restaurant at Majeka House

52.     Azure Restaurant – 12 Apostles

53.     Reubens Christmas in July

54.     Nobu – RW

55.     Greenhouse – RW

56.     Reubens and Springfield Wines – Chef and the Vine

57.     Haute Cabriere – RW

58.     Sauvage Restaurant and Nicholas Van Der Merwe Wine – Wine Dinner

59.     CWWU – Fork Diner with Alto Wines

60.     Miko Restaurant as Mont Rochelle

61.     Last Word Long Beach

62.     Aquila Safari

63.     Marigold Restaurant

64.     Le Petite Manoir Restaurant

65.     La Tete – Bot River Takeover

66.     Reubens and Jordan Wines – Chef and the Vine

67.     Sauvage Restaurant and Maastricht Wine – Wine Dinner

68.     Foxcroft Sunday Supper Club

69.     Ready, Steady Rum – Tobago’s Radisson Blue

70.     Zeitch Mocca Food

71.     The Square Restaurant and Migliarina Wines – Wine Dinner

72.     La Mouette – Winter Menu

73.     The Skotness at Norval Foundation

74.     Reubens and Hamilton Russell Vineyards – Chef and the Vine

75.     De Drommedaris Beach House Collection La Baleine Paternoster

76.     Bistro Sixteen Eighty-Two

77.     Pot Luck Club

78.     Life Grand Café

79.     Belly of the Beast – RW

80.     Veuve Clicquot Spring Edition Brunch with Chef Claire Allen Roast & Co

81.     Chef’s Table at the Mont Nelson Hotel – RW

82.     Signal Restaurant at Cape Grace Hotel – RW

83.     Livebait – RW

84.     Azure at Twelve Apostles – RW

85.     95 on Park – RW

86.     Mink &Trout – RW

87.     Buitenverwachting – RW

88.     Reubens – RW

89.     CPUT – Hotel School Granger Bay

90.     Diemerdals Farm Eatery – RW

91.     CWWU – Moyo

92.     Coco Safar – RW

93.     Reubens and Taste of MCC – Chef and the Vine

94.     Chinchilla Fridays

95.     Bilboa Restaurant

96.     Waterkloof Restaurant

97.     Idiom Tasting Room

From us at JAR Photography, we wish you everything that’s magical for 2019. May all you wish for yourself become a reality.

See you on the other side.

JAR Photography

For the love of food and wine…

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Written for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by René Mesias-Petersen

Photography for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Jason “Dubbz” Petersen

Chef & Vine September ’18 – Mario Arendse

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Ashbourne Sauvignon Blanc/Chardonnay 2017

Sesame seeded seared tuna, wasabi, sticky rice, dried shitake

pickled daikon, coriander pesto



Ashbourne Cinsault Rosé 2018

Norwegian salmon served with prawn and crab wonton




Hamilton Russell Vineyards Chardonnay 2017

Chicken roulade, blanched walnuts, cranberries, carrot and peach purée




Ashbourne Pinotage/Cinsault 2018




Hamilton Russell Vineyards Pinot Noir 2017

Lamb rack with a spring onion and pistachio nut crust

served with a roast onion scallion pesto and mushroom crème






Braemar Muscadel

Bread and butter pudding, roast banana and peanut brittle

served with vanilla ice cream


I’ve done a view of these events, and it’s always an opportunity to maybe try out some new wines and to get into the head of some of these winemakers. I’ve always enjoyed Hamilton Russel wines, so I was quite looking forward to this event.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The evening started with canapés consisting of seared tuna with sesame seeds, sticky rice, wasabi, dried shitake mushrooms, pickled daikon and coriander pesto which was paired with Ashboure Sauvignon Blanc/Chardonnay 2017. Would have loved another bite of this tasty morsel, but I only managed to secure a single portion, which was disappointing. The wine was a little green for my palate, but then again it is a 2017 release.


For our starter we had the Ashbourne Cinsault Rose 2018 which was served with Norwegian salmon served with a prawn and crab wonton, which was very tasty.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


 The entrée consisted of chicken roulade, blanched walnuts, cranberries and a carrot and peach puree. This course was served with the Hamilton Russell Chardonnay 2017 which I really did enjoy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Main Course:

This course was very well prepared; it was the Lamb Rack with spring onion and pistachio nut crust served with roast onion and scallion pesto and mushroom crème. This course was served with the Hamilton Russell Pinot Noir 2017, which was outstanding. This wine was the highlight of the evening for me and theirs little wonder why this wine is world-renowned.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This course consisted of Bread and butter pudding, roast banana and peanut brittle with vanilla ice cream which was served with the Braemar Muscadel. Often, I found that desserts are sometimes a real let down especially if the other courses were excellent, not so in this care. It was a well thought out dessert and a nice variation on a cape classic.  The Muscadel was not my favourite, but then I’m not a fan of most things sweet.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It being the anniversary of the founders of JAR Photography our group was quite large but the One & Only staff made sure each and every patron was treated as special as the next. Is we have become accustomed too from the One and Only Team.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A fun night out with good food and outstanding wine.

For the full album click HERE

Restaurant Info:              Reubens at One & Only Hotel Cape Town

                                              One&Only Cape Town, Dock Road, V & A Waterfront

Tel No:                                 021 431 4511


Written for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Mario Arendse

Photography for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Jason “Dubbz” Petersen

Mink & Trout – Restaurant Week 2018

We recently got to go back and experience some good tapas at Mink & Trout and true to form they didn’t disappoint.

 Wait staff and food was superb as usual. They were finalising their restaurant revamp and we eager awaiting the release of the new menu and to make our return.

 We have no doubt its going to be awesome.

 Below is the latest Dinner Menu and you’ll be happy to see they have kept some of the favourites from the old menu.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.







This slideshow requires JavaScript.



LAND & SEA  89


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.








This slideshow requires JavaScript.






This slideshow requires JavaScript.








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This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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For the full album click HERE

Restaurant Info:     Mink & Trout

Address:               127 Bree St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town

Tel No:                   021 426 2534

Email:                    Click HERE

Opening Hours:     Tuesday to Saturday:

Lunch 12 am – 3.30 pm  Dinner 6 pm – 10 pm


Brunch 11 am – 3.30 pm

Written for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by René Mesias-Petersen

Photography for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Jason “Dubbz” Petersen





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Swedish or aromatherapy full body massages for two people at Cape Royale Luxury Hotel & Spa.

3rd Prize

A Gourmet Picnic with Wine and an Exclusive Wine Tasting Experience for 2 People at Mellasat Vineyards.

Follow the 6 Easy Steps Below:

  1. Purchase at least 2 tickets to the JAR Annual Fundraiser.


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1st Prize

You will receive a voucher from JAR Photography and you will need to make all arrangements as stated in the voucher.

Cape Dutch Quarters are not Sponsors of this prize and therefore you need to follow the directions on the voucher to redeem your prize.

What this voucher will get you:

  • A one-night stay for two people in a Superior or Luxury rooms only (Deal excludes Classic Lodge and Farm Stay Accommodation)
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  • Rooms applicable: Superior and Luxury rooms only (Deal excludes Classic Lodge and Farm Stay Accommodation)
  • Vindoux spa is closed on a Tuesday.
  • Paddagang Restaurant is closed on a Monday.
  • Bookings are essential and subject to availability.
  • Present your printed deal to redeem.
  • Images may be a representation.

2nd Prize

You will receive a voucher from JAR Photography and you will need to make all arrangements as stated in the voucher.

Cape Royal Hotel and Spa are not Sponsors of this prize and therefore you need to follow the directions on the voucher to redeem your prize.

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  • Please note: coupon does not include use of the spa facilities.
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  • The image displayed is merely a representation.

3rd Prize

You will receive a voucher from JAR Photography and you will need to make all arrangements as stated in the voucher.

Mellasat Vineyards are not Sponsors of this prize and therefore you need to follow the directions on the voucher to redeem your prize.

What this voucher will get you:

Gourmet Picnic includes:

  • Seasonal fruit salad
  • Selection of cured meats
  • Selection of cheeses
  • Coleslaw salad
  • Vegetarian chick pea salad
  • Freshly baked bread
  • Crackers
  • Homemade chutney
  • Olive tapenade
  • Chocolate brownies
  • Glass of wine each (choice of any wine from your wine tasting session)

Wine tasting (5 wines each): your wine tasting session will be tailored according to your tastes, but typically includes a tasting of 5 wines from the following (subject to availability):

  • Mellasat White Pinotage
  • Mellasat Chardonnay
  • Dekker’s Valley Seraphic
  • Dekker’s Valley Shiraz Rose
  • Dekker’s Valley Revelation
  • Dekker’s Valley Shiraz

Please ensure you are familiar with all T&C’s

Square Restaurant with Migliarina Wines – Anthony Adams

Cape Town is blessed to have many outstanding restaurants.  The Vineyard at the Vineyard Hotel in Claremont must rank as one of the very best.


Parking was a breeze, with a very friendly guard directing us. The hotel itself has a very welcoming ambiance, and the buzz generated by patrons enjoying a welcoming drink served by friendly and knowledgeable staff on a Friday evening, was awesome.  The sense of excitement intensified as we were introduced to winemaker Carsten Migliarina, who wines would be enjoying later.


The evening would see us feasting on four set courses, each paired with a specially selected wine.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1st Course

First course consisted of chevin-parsley wontons, mango puree, roast onion and cashew.  Paired with Migliarina Pinot Gris 2017, this was very well received and set the scene for a feast!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2nd Course

The second course was a serving of butter pork curry, coconut jasmine rice, coriander poppadum and sambals.  The butter pork was a variation on the more common butter chicken, but proved delicious, especially paired with Migliarina Chardonnay 2013.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


3rd Course

The third course was an absolute highlight.  Braised lamb shank, butter bean cauliflower mash, beets and thyme jus was awesome.  Tasty, tender, beautifully presented, it was close to perfection. Perfection was achieved when paired with the Migliarina Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon 2015. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Up to this point the evening was fantastic – wonderful setting, fantastic food, great company, and the bubbly ambiance enhanced by the wonderful tunes emanating from the well-placed piano.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4th Course

Then came the fourth course – dessert.  What a treat!  Black forest dark chocolate creme, vanilla-kirsch bavarois, cherry gel, devil’s food cake and caramelia sorbet – all placed artistically on a plate. Again, what a treat!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A beautiful evening was had by all.  Great ambiance, great setting, wonderful food, wonderful wine, wonderful company.  What more could one ask for on a Friday evening. I suppose one could ask – Looking forward to the release of the 2019 dates…

For the full album click HERE

Restaurant Info:               Square Restaurant,The Vineyard Hotel ,Colinton Rd,  


Tel No:                                 021 657 4500


Opening Hours:


Monday to Friday from 06h30 to 10h30. Weekends & public holidays from 07h00 to 11h00.


Monday to Saturday from 12h00 to 15h00. Sundays & public holidays from 12h30 to 15h00.

Afternoon tea

Served daily from 15h30 to 17h30.


Served daily from 18h00 to 22h00

Written for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Anthony Adams

Photography for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Jason “Dubbz” Petersen



Overnight Dinner and a Movie at 12 Apostles Hotel – Mario Arendse

Arguably one of the most beautiful and picturesque venues on the Atlantic seaboard, must be the 12 Apostles Hotel and Spa. This was my second time at this venue, this time taking advantage of their Winter breakaway package that included dinner, a movie (at their private movie theater), overnight accommodation and breakfast.

Overnight Dinner and a Movie Package Includes:

One night’s luxury accommodation in the room of your choice

Full South African breakfast daily

A three-course dinner from our set menu in the hotel’s Azure Restaurant or The Café Grill

Complimentary use of the In-house cinema

Popcorn, candies, ice-creams and rich drinking chocolate or a milkshake of the day served to you without missing a frame

One-hour session in the temperature-controlled plunge pools and salt water flotation pool at The Spa at The Twelve Apostles


I was looking forward to some good food and a night of relaxation and respite from the inclement weather. The rooms are beautifully decorated and the views from either the Leopard Bar or the Azure Restaurant area are amazing. My previous visit was during restaurant week, so I was keen to see what fare would be on offer this time around.



The amuse- bouche was smoked aubergine, which was delicious. I’m not a big fan of aubergines, but I love when it’s been smoked as it adds a whole new dimension to it.


There was the chopped salad with beetroot, bacon, carrots, baby gem and avocado, which was lovely and fresh. I expected more to honest

Baby calamari risotto, with roast tomato puree, tomato water jelly dehydrated tomato and tomato consommé, seaweed butter and pickled onion rings.

Slow cooked Hen’s egg with compressed ham hock, pea puree, mushy pea salad and cured egg yolk

12A Fresh vegetable salad, with mixed greens, raw vegetables and avocado. This portion is massive and could easily be shared amongst our table.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Prawn Stroganoff with basmati…strange texture to this dish, I thought it was undercooked with the prawns seemingly a bit translucent.

Cape Malay style chicken curry, served with sambals, roti, poppadum and aniseed basmati. Again, it seemed adequate, but didn’t really inspire. The waiter couldn’t really explain all the condiments or how they should best be enjoyed.

Azure steak was well prepared but the Café de Paris butter was a solid lump and didn’t really melt at all which is possibly an indication that it was placed as the steak cooled.

Green Herb Gnocchi with celeriac purée, grilled baby leeks, salsa verde, onion jam, pickled onion shells and gin pearls. The gnocchi turned out to be polenta and not potato, which wasn’t clarified in the menu or by the waiter.

Pasta Primavera with sautéed vegetables in tomato sauce with linguine. There were hardly vegetables to talk about in this dish, and it was very bland.

Grilled Fish of the day, which was Dorado took the honours as the best dish on the night. It was served with creamed spinach, mashed potatoes, roasted baby carrots and sautéed baby vegetables.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Chocolate and Karoo Honey consisting of honey ice cream, cocoa custard manjari aero, honeycomb and a chocolate torte

Crème brulèe with shortbread.

Seasonal fruit platter with a berry gel and yoghurt


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


We should’ve known that this wasn’t going to be a smooth transition from Dinner to the Movie when we were given different times to be ready and the movie choice wasn’t clear all very confusing…We had booked our movie for 22h30 but had to wait 30 min as the previous movie had started late. When the usher came to collect us, she took our milkshake order and lead us to the cinema, seats were comfy, and the sweet snacks were set… Sadly one bowl of popcorn for a movie really isn’t enough, but our group made the best of it.

Part of our party enjoyed the Spa facilities and rated it one of the best spas they have visited, and they have visited a few, so at least that was one plus!

The accommodation was amazing and view stunning so a solid 3/5 ticked the right boxes, pity bout the dinner and the movie, though.



I was so looking forward to this little getaway, and I really wanted it to be great, but the food was a disappointment (on both of my visits to be honest) and really did not live up to expectation. It is an amazing venue and setting but I’m afraid my expectations are beyond average at the given price point. Overall, this was not a five-star experience.


For the full album click HERE

Restaurant Info:

Azure Restaurant

Twelve Apostles Hotel

Victoria Road,

Camps Bay

Tel No: +27 21 4379000


Written for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Mario Arendse

Photography for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Jason “Dubbz” Petersen



Escapé Tapas Bar & Restaurant – Mario Arendse

In the past I’ve made no bones about the fact that there are so few quality eateries in the southern suburbs. I mean the kind of place you can slip in on your way home, or maybe on a lazy Saturday afternoon to catch the football with the boys and grab a bite.


Now, let me start by saying that any restaurant that offers complimentary Tequila on arrival is off to a good start in my books. The menu is Mexican inspired tapas-style dining with something for everyone. Escapè had only been open a few months when we arrived for dinner, and it was encouraging to see a steady flow of patrons into the establishment. It’s literally just off the M5 freeway, before you get to Muizenberg and I can already see it becoming a local favourite during the summer months.

The ladies enjoyed the good cocktail range and I was quite pleased to find that they offered Stella Artois on tap…a good start. Our starters consisted of Nacho’s, chicken wings and chilli poppers that were delicious. Mains were the Chicken Burrito, which was absolutely yummy; there were the beef burgers, deep fried calamari, steak and tacos to name a few of the choices on offer. The food was good, unpretentious, and honest while the service was friendly, attentive and efficient.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I managed to have a brief chat with the manager Mia, and there are big plans ahead for this little restaurant and brand so watch this space closely and follow them on social media for updates on events etc.


It’s important that we support our local neighbourhood eateries and entrepreneurs and to provide them with honest feedback to ensure continued improvement and sustainability. For me personally this is not just about lip service, so I will definitely be back.


For the full album click HERE

At the time of this article Escapé was busy finalizing their liquor license but currently charges corkage,please contact them directly to confirm.

Restaurant Info:

Escapé Tapas Bar & Restaurant

Eastlake Drive,

Eastlake Shopping Centre

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Written for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Mario Arendse

Photography for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Jason “Dubbz” Petersen

Majeka House – Mario Arendse

I’m a typical Capetonian in that I can happily hibernate during winter trying to get by with doing as little possible, in the form of entertainment, as I wait for the arrival of the summer months.

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The opportunity to go to Majeka House and their Makaron Restaurant was my opportunity to snap out of this winter funk. The venue is neatly nestled in a residential area on the outskirts of Stellenbosch. There are so many lovely Boutique hotels popping up everywhere, but I have to say this is definitely one of my favourites.

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The vibe is laid back but sophisticated, the venue is beautifully decorated, as are all the rooms. It’s the perfect place to celebrate an Anniversary or romantic breakaway. There is an undercover heated pool at the spa facility that includes a Jacuzzi and sauna for guests to use at their own leisure. There’s a quaint library/bar facility where guests are free to lounge at the cosy fireplace.

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There are lots of options for diners, as you can choose between 3-5 plate meals with or without wine pairing.

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The amuse-bouche consisted of Caesar taco/ crispy chicken skin, truffle/beetroot, trout cracker, roosterkoek, bokkom butter, mosbolletjie and korrelkonfyt. The crispy chicken skin was fantastic, nothing like I expected…it was a bit like a potato crisp. Absolutely loved the roosterkoek and bokkom butter, which was not at all very fishy strangely enough.

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The first course consisted of the following options:

Baby marrow risotto, raw mushroom, cured egg yolk shavings.

Kale, broccoli, miso, seaweed.

Slow roasted carrot, cumin, pork crackling and a carrot jus

The next course consisted of:

Sweet breads, leeks and mushroom tea

Prawn confit, curry, smoked snail shavings and coconut.

Raw scallops, oyster cream, ginger, vermouth and green radish…I loved this dish, and I prefer the scallops raw as you can taste freshness.

Smoked hake, slat baked celeriac, soured onion and dill.


Then was the…

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Warm trout, bone marrow, cauliflower and basil

Mushroom ravioli, house made malt vinegar, parmesan…this course was one of my favourites, beautifully presented.

Leipoldtd’s springbok “rafeltjievleis”, stewed fruit, pickle onion.

Guinea fowl, spiced parsnip and fermented berry sauce.

Suckling pig, turnips, brown butter and golden delicious apple.


Desserts consisted of:

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Chocolate, potato

Roasted pear, burnt onion, Parmigiano-Reggiano

Banana, toasted yeast caramel and sourdough ice- cream…. a strange concept maybe but it was yummy.

Fire roasted pineapple, lemon, shiso, pineapple beer sorbet.

All the courses were hard to fault and I loved the attention to detail and intimate ambience. This venue is maybe one of the best kept secrets in Stellenbosch and I’m sure to be back. I miss their “Godfather” cocktail already.



R1325 pp sharing

1-night accommodation in a Premier room

4-course small plate dinner at Makaron for 2 (excl. Beverages)

Breakfast for 2

Upgrade to a Garden for R600, Mountain View for R920 and Poolside for R1510. Single supplement of R520

Valid from 1 May to 30 September except for Wednesdays

T: +27 21 880 1549 | E:


R1845 pp sharing

1-night accommodation in a Premier room

Choice of a 60-minute treatment each and a 4-course small plate dinner (excl. Beverages) at Makaron for 2

Breakfast for 2

Upgrade to a Garden for R600, Mountain View for R920 and Poolside for R1510. Single supplement of R520

Valid from 1 June to 30 September except for Wednesdays

T: +27 21 880 1549 | E:


R1815 pp sharing

4-course small plate dinner (excl. Beverages) at Makaron for 2

1-night accommodation for 2 in a Premier room

Breakfast for 2

Upgrade to a Garden for R215pp, Mountain View for R665pp and Poolside for R965pp. Single supplement of R700

Full non-refundable deposit requested on reservation

Valid from 1 to 30 October 2018

T: +27 21 880 1549 | E:

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Restaurant Info:

Majeka House * Hotel * Restaurant * Spa

26-32 Houtkapper Street,




Tel No: +27 21 880 1549.


Written for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Mario Arendse

Photography for JAR PHOTOGRAPHY by Jason “Dubbz” Petersen